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ISIS Executes Iraqi Soldiers in Mosul
Mosul, Iraq
By omariq
25 Apr 2015

The video was obtained by a contributor in Mosul from a witness to the executions.

DISCLAIMER: The appearance of this video on the Transterra Media website does not in anyway constitute an endorsement by Transterra Media of ISIS or any claims or statements made in this video.

April 25, 2015
Mosul, Iraq

Video shows soldiers of the Iraqi Army being executed by ISIS militants.
The soldiers who were captured in mid April during clashes with ISIS in Baiji, in northern Iraq, are kneeling on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs. An ISIS member is heard announcing and justifying the execution of the soldiers, before they are shot in the head from behind.


SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unseen ISIS Fighter 1
00:00 – 01:05

“In the name of God, and peace be upon the Leader of the Believers [Prophet Mohammad]; We have taken it upon ourselves to fight in along God’s path. We fight against those who disbelieve in God in order to uphold God’s religion and hoist His banner high. God rightfully grants His soldiers and party victory.
[The Prophet] peace be upon Him said: ‘He who changes his religion should be killed.’ [The Prophet] peace be upon Him also said: ‘ِA disbeliever and his killer cannot be joined together in hell.’ We ask God almighty to make us martyrs in his path and to allow these disbelievers to benefit from His mercy and be spared from hell. Peace be upon our Lord Mohammad, and His family and companions.
God is greatest! God is greatest! God is greatest!”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unseen ISIS Fighter 2
01:06 – 01:15

“In the name of God, Executing the verdict against these apostates is an implementation of God’s rule. God is greatest!”

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This Is How ISIS Refines Oil in Mosul
Mosul, Iraq
By omariq
27 Mar 2015

March 2015
Mosul, Iraq

On the roads around Mosul, Iraq's second largest city and taken by ISIS in June 2014, it is not uncommon to see roadside oil transactions.

In between ISIS billboards, civilians pull up to oil tankers parked on the side of the road to buy gas, petrol, and diesel to meet their daily needs.

Secret footage filmed in a town south of Mosul city shows a makeshift oil refinery, one of more than 2,000 similar installations, according to local sources. A Transterra Media contributor describes the refining process that takes place at the site, which was vacant at the time of filming.

Crude oil is brought to such refineries from wells in the provinces of Salahuddine and Mosul. Refined oil products are then sold in neighboring villages through distributors licensed by ISIS.

ISIS has divided Mosul province into three administrative districts: Wilayat (or province of) Mosul, which includes Mosul city and the Nineveh plain; Wilayat Dijla, south of Mosul city; and Wilayat al-Jazeera, west of Mosul city. The militant group considers Mosul the capital of its self-proclaimed state.

According to locals, ISIS controls the entire oil trade in the area. No one can sell oil without its permission.

The contributor's identity and the name of the town have been withheld at the contributor's request.

Shot List:

Traveling of road sign that reads: "The Islamic State. Wilayat [province] of Dijla." NOTE: The name of the town was blurred for security reasons.
Traveling of road sign that reads: "The Islamic State. Wilayat Dijla
Traveling of mobile oil tanker parked on roadside selling fuel to passersby
Various of makeshift oil refinery with voice over

Voice Over (Arabic)
00:38 – 02:17

“This is an oil refinery in Mosul. Crude oil is poured into these barrels. The barrels are then emptied into this tank, under which fire is started. When temperature rises, crude oil evaporates. Steam comes out of these tubes, which pass through water in order for steam to condense and become liquid.
Liquid comes out here. First, gasoline is collected. Afterwards, white oil [kerosene] comes out of the pipes, followed by gas oil [fuel oil].
Lighter substances come out first, followed by denser ones. These substances are then sold on the market.”

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ISIS Destroys Home of Mosul's Prison ...
By omariq
05 Mar 2015

March 2015
Mosul, Iraq

Video shows what eyewitnesses claim to be ISIS destroying the personal residence of the former warden of Mosul Prison, General Khalaf al-Jabouri.

The prison had been used by the Iraqi government to detain suspected terrorists. Locals say that many of the inmates have now become members of ISIS.

General Jabouri fled his home in the Shura district of Mosul in June 2014 when ISIS militants seized control of Iraq's second largest city.