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Afghan Authorities Respond to Taliban...
Kabul, Afghanistan
By Chinar Media
21 Jun 2015

Afghan security forces and emergency responders secure the area around the Afghan Parliament in Kabul where the Taliban carried out a coordinated attack.

Militants detonated a car bomb outside the gates in order to storm the compound and gain access to one of the administrative buildings beside the chamber. A fierce firefight ensued between police and Taliban fighters.

The Taliban say the planned the attack to coincide with the vote to endorse Afghanistan's new defense minister.

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Second Round Voting in the Afghanista...
Kabul, Afganistan
By Chinar Media
14 Jun 2014

June 14, 2014

Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghans head to polling stations to elect a new president in the second round of the Afghan presidential election. Voting moved regardless of the threat of Taliban attacks.
  00:00 wide and medium shots of police checking people before enter the polling station
00:10 wide and medium shots of people stand in line waiting to enter to polling station
00:20 wide medium and close up of people entering the polling station
00:34 people are registering their name to get ballot papers
00:38 Election staff registering the people's names
00:42 man putting his finger into the ink. And writing the person's election card number
00:52 election staff giving out ballot paper
01:06  a man casting his vote in the ballot box
01:09 Interview a Pariwah a female speaks in Dari

"My message to the women of Afghanistan, they have right to vote, and they have right to choose their future. They should not have worries regarding security, and come to cast their and decide the future of their life, their child and their country."

01:33 Ghulam Ahmad Mustafa a man speaks in Dari

"I am happy that I am participating for the 4th time in an election. And my card is the first election card which I have kept until now. This is natural right of Afghan people and hope from all people whether we will be alive or not and they should participate in election. They should decide their legal candidate, in order to reach to our objectives."   02:06 End