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Boats-full of Yemen Refugees Arrive i...
By Edouard Dufrasne
19 Apr 2015

People escape the ongoing conflict in Yemen, arriving by boat in Djibouti. US Ambassador to Djibouti Tom Kelly greets some as they arrive.

Among those arriving, several do not claim to seek refugee status, but say they are transiting to other destinations where they plan to meet family.

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"I was Al-Shabaab"
Nairobi, Kenya
By Antonella Palmieri
11 Nov 2014

Ali's voice becomes shrill when he remembers the exact moment when he decided to flee al-Shabaab in 2007.

"I spent one year with the Shabaab, training with them, fighting, assaulting villages,” he said. “Then one day we went to a village whose inhabitants did not want to pay us taxes. They were all massacred. At least forty children were killed. I couldn’t do it anymore. I saw all the blood, those dead children, and I hid and I started to cry. Why do the Shabaab not accept that their soldiers weep? Especially in the face of the dead. If they see your tears, they kill you. That day I decided to run away.”

Ali (a nickname he’s chosen for security reasons) is a 29-year-old Kenyan who was enlisted by al-Shabaab, a Somali militant group affiliated with al-Qaeda, in Kenya in 2005 and was sent to fight in Somalia. He doesn’t remember how many people he killed, but his eyes are bright with tears when he talks about attacks on villages, defenceless people being killed, children massacred. I met Ali on the roof of a building in the Muslim Quarter in Nairobi city that in recent years has suffered several terrorist attacks in which hundreds were killed.


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Another Sky: An Uruguayan journey 26
Montevideo, Uruguay
By Francesco Pistilli
05 Feb 2014

Women escaping domestic violence, drug addiction and crime in a shelter and rehab center in Montevideo make dust rags. Domestic violence is widespread across Latin America including in this small, mostly rural country with an average of 68 reports of gender based violence made daily in Montevideo.

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Another Sky: An Uruguayan journey 27
Montevideo, Uruguay
By Francesco Pistilli
05 Feb 2014

Stella, 32, comes from the Uruguayan countryside (Tacuarembo area). She and her autistic son were beaten and abused by her husband for 4 years. Since her husband was jailed for attempting to kill her, Stella lives with her son in a shelter for women escaping violence and addiction.

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Another Sky: An Uruguayan journey 28
Maldonado, Uruguay
By Francesco Pistilli
26 Jan 2014

Franco (18) and Helena Maria (2) came from poor rural families to be adopted by Daniel M. (52) and Walter MA (38), activists in the LGBT community who have been adopting underprivileged children at the biological parents' behest.

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Another Sky: An Uruguayan journey 29
Maldonado, Uruguay
By Francesco Pistilli
26 Jan 2014

Daniel M. (52) and Walter MA (38) have the biggest homosexual family in Latin America. After 20 years as a couple, they have adopted four children: Franco, Mayara, Maria Pia and Helena Maria. The children arrived from poor families where they couldn't survive. In these last 20 years, desperate mothers have asked to Walter and Daniel to adopt their children. "They're not Desaparecidos!" Daniel says, "they have constant contact with their biological families". Daniel and Walter have been active in the LGBT community in Latin America for 25 years. Today, adoption by same-sex couples is legal in 16 countries, including Uruguay.

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Nepal Bullfight (3 of 6)
Nuwakot, Nepal
By Rajneesh Bhandari
14 Jan 2013

Photo taken on January 14 shows a man trying to escape an uncontrolled bull in the competition at Taruka Nuwakot 80 km north of the capital Kathmandu. The bullfight competition is organized every year at Maghe Sankranti.

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Tunisian Youth attempt to Escape to I...
Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia
By jamel
14 Aug 2012

Tunisian Youth revolted on 12/17/2010 against the dictator ZINE EL ABIDINE BEN ALI and his
corrupt regime. Their slogan was: Jobs, freedom, dignity and the revolt begun in the poor forgotten
town Sidi Bouzid, after the 24 years old man Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire as a statement
against police repression.

The revolution succeeded as Ben ali left the country and escaped to Saudi Arabia.

3 transition governments succeed him and elections of a constitutional assembly took place on
October 23rd 2011.

The Islamic party ENNAHDHA won the elections and took power . They built a coalition
government with the 2 seculars parties ETTAKATOL and the CPR.

Tunisian people hope for reforms, prosperity and a better life.

But nothing changed: more jobless, more corruption and more repression.

On Thursday 9/5/2012 136 hopeless youth took a small boat and tried to escape illegally to Italy for a
better life, for a better future.

But they got lost in the Mediterranean. Only few were saved, but the others died or are still lost.

One of the dead youth was NADER BOUHOUCH, 23, from Sidi Bouzid, the birthplace of the Tunisian
revolution. Nader was also very active during the revolution and joined with his countrymen to
emancipate Tunisia from a regime that repressed the country for more than 23 years.

But the revolution didn’t t fulfill the dreams of NADER and the Tunisian Youth, the dream of
jobs, freedom and dignity.