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In Arsal, the antechamber of life
Arsal, Lebanon
By Emmanuel Haddad
21 Oct 2013

The hospital of Arsal, set up in a mosque, has three surgical unit. But the lack of material is a constant worry. Last month, tens of Syrians suffering from severe burns after a bombing attack came from the Syrian city of Qalamoun to be cured in Arsal.

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A Day Of Hope
Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon
By Roï
17 Nov 2012

She asks the government to find her husband saying, "Even if he's dead, give him to me, I want to bury him with my own hands."

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We Have The Right To Know
Adlieh, Beirut, Lebanon
By Roï
17 Nov 2012

30 years have gone by and she still has hope of finding her, dead or alive. She demands her right to know what happened.

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Lebanese Women Hold Pictures Of Missi...
Horsh Beirut, Lebanon
By Roï
17 Nov 2012

Saturday, November 17, in the memory of 30 years and 17,000 missing and disappeared persons in Lebanon's civil war, "Act for the disappeared," a Lebanese Human Rights association, organized a march with the families of the disappeared starting at Beirut National Museum and passing by three cemeteries where the state recognized them with mass graves. The march ended in Downtown near the Unesco area, joining the Lebanese families of war prisoners and abductees in Syria.

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LEBANON: Pact of Silence
By carloscastro
01 Jun 2011

Those who fought the war imposed silence. They could do so because they still have power. The political elite in Lebanon neither assumed their guilt in a conflict that pitted the country's communities nor held external actors accountable for their participation. Their objective has been to build a new country over the ruins of the old one in order to forget the war. The words justice, truth and reconciliation are not on the political agenda, but there are voices still crying courageous. "I can not reconcile with the criminal if I do not know the truth. Then I will decide whether to forgive or not", says Wadada Halwani, president of the Committee of Families of the Kidnapped and Missing persons in Lebanon.

The long way towards peace starts just after the signature of the peace agreements, when the complex and difficult process of building peace, memory, truth, reconciliation and justice for all the victims begins. The documentaries of the ‘After Peace' project seek to analyze and explain different paths taken by various countries who suffered an armed conflict in the last quarter of the 20th century. Researchers, activists for peace and reconciliation, victims, lawyers and educators expose what has been done and what has been ignored in their countries and talk about their experiences.

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Cold River
Tripoli, Lebanon
By JonathanII
11 Sep 2007

The 2007 siege on the Palestinian refugee camp, Nahr El Bared.