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Abandoned Children 12
Targovishte, Bulgaria
By Simon Letellier
01 Jul 2014

Zlatka Rizaeva, a nurse at the Turghovist Institution, takes care of a young disabled boy in the room where all the seven disabled children sleep at the institution.
As Rizaeva introduces us to the seven children, a girl holds on her two legs. Others spend their days sleeping, coiled in their colored sheets, sometimes unable to move. "It is very hard this work with them," admits Rizaeva. "They need a lot of care. And then, our job is often depreciated. People have difficulty understanding our everyday life here. They do not think of the many positive things this kind of institution offers."

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Cairo by TokTok (14 of 26)
Giza, Egypt
By Teo Butturini
23 Mar 2013

A young boy is seen riding his bicyle on an unfinished road in the suburb of Imbaba (Cairo, Egypt) from inside a toktok. Many kids from the suburbs don't go to school, but start to work very early in their lives, sometimes at 6 years old, to earn money to help their families.