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Syrian Children Struggle in Lebanese ...
By Marwan Maalouf
07 Mar 2014

March 7, 2014
Tripoli, Lebanon

This short film illustrates the difficulties faced by Syrian teachers in Lebanon, trying to secure children’s educational rights in the context of the ongoing war. Over 350,000 Syrian children now find themselves seeking education in Lebanon. This has created a dilemma for Syrian teachers and parents that want their children to get a good education tailored to their own situation and background.

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Syrian Children Take Refuge in Tyre
By hussein baydoun
06 Dec 2013

Her name is Hiyam, she is from Raqqa, now she is a refugee in Sour, her father is scared to talk about politics, he seems to be against Bashar, he fears for his daughter's future now they are refugees in Sour, a Shia region in the South of Lebanon. After more than 2 years of conflict, Syrian refugees flood into Lebanon. There are around 500,000 in the area so far. Hezbollah is helping them with food and medicine, but the security situation is not good.