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Masked Anti-Refugee Mob Clashes with ...
Piraeus, Greece
By Epoca Libera
09 Apr 2016

Groups of masked, black-clad men and far-right activists rampaged through the streets next to the port of Piraeus on Sunday evening during a so called 'Anti-Islamization' protest.
The rally created a " pogrom atmosphere" and at the end they clashed with Greek Police and Coast Guard troops squads, while they were attempting to enter the port gates to reach and attack the refugee makeshift camp of Piraeus.
The gathering was organized by a Greek group named "LEPEN" (Patriotic Union).
"Knife in the heart of every antifa!" was heard from the side of the rally, a slogan referring directly to the murder of the antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas by a Golden Dawn member in 2013. At the same area 24 hours ago, during a similar so called “Anti-Islamization” Protest a cameraman was attacked by a member of the Greek Golden dawn far-right party.
Athens, Piraeus port, Greece, 10 April 2016.