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Kurdish Females Train To Fight ISIS
By rsoufi
26 Aug 2014

August 25, 2014
Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdish females train to use weapons in a training camp established by Peshmerga officers in Dhuk, northern Iraq.
The female trainees have volunteered to join the Peshmerga fighters in their war against ISIS.


  • Vian pendroy, Supervisor of the female volunteers training camp (Kurdish):

“After we sensed the danger of ISIS reaching our area, we considered the importance of having military training courses volunteer women. We started the course with thirty volunteer women, the course lasts for ten days, three hours per day. Volunteers receive training in military discipline, national awareness, field training for weapon using, and the lifestyle of the Peshmerga forces.
The purpose of this course is to improve the role of women in supporting the Peshmerga forces, using a weapon to defend herself and her family in emergencies”.
All women taking this course are volunteers who are either lawyers or engineers.
"بعدما شعرنا بوجود خطر داعش على منطقتنا فكرنا بضرورة فتح دورات للتدريب العسكري وإستخدام السلاح لعدد من النساء المتطوعات بدأنا بفتح هذه الدورة التي شاركت فيها 30 إمرأة وأن الدورة ستستمر لمدة 10 أيام وبمعدل ثلاث ساعات يوميا ويتم تدريب المشاركات خلال الدورة على الإنضباط العسكري والتوعية الوطنية وغيرها من المواضيع أيضا فضلا عن التدريب الميداني على رمي السلاح في جبهات القوات والتعلم على أسلوب حياة قوات البيشمركة هناك وتهدف إقامة هذه الدورة لقيام المرأة بدورها في دعم قوات البيشمركة و حمل السلاح للدفاع عن نفسها وأسرتها في الحالات الطارئة السناء المشاركات في هذه الدورة جميعهن متطوعات بينهن يمارسن مهنة المحامات والهندسة "

  • Jihan Kormaki, Volunteer fighter (Arabic): "We are now able to go with the Peshmerga and to fight against terrorism".

"4-5 years ago, the society was conservative, but now, and especially in the past two years, society is becoming more scientific, more interested in literature. The image of women has changed; even our grandparents now think that women are able to take an active role in society, and to help the man in all fields, also in war or a military frontier".

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Female protesters in Tahrir Square
Cairo, Egypt
By Yasmin Al Tellawy
14 Jul 2013

Women demonstrate peacefully in Tahrir Square and share their feelings of safety with male protestors that are dedicated to their protection.

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Nepal Reaches 100 Days Protesting Vio...
Kathmandu, Nepal
By Rajneesh Bhandari
06 Apr 2013

Occupy Baluwtar, a campaign protesting violence against women, completed 100 days on April 6, 2013.

On 28 December 2012 the campaign began, seeking justice for Sita Rai, a migrant worker who was robbed by officials at TIA and raped by a policeman, according to media reports.

Every day from 9 am to 11 am, a group of people join the protest in front of the prime minister’s office in Baluwatar.

They have been protesting against the alleged murder of Saraswati Subedi, the disappearance of Chorimaiya Maharjan, and killings of Shiva Hasmi and Bindu Thakur.