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Southern Tribal Fighters Unite to Fig...
By Amged Sabeeh
01 Apr 2015

Fighters of the Belobeid tribe proudly tout their guns and artillery in the southern Yemeni desert of Shabwah, an Al-Qaeda haven. Just as the Saudi-led coalition began bombing Houthis and loyalists to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh, hundreds of fighters from the Belobeid tribe began joining forces in the desert of the southern province to begin organizing a coordinated resistance against the Houthis.

In the past few months, the ongoing expansion of northern Yemen's Houthi rebels has prompted many tribes in the restive south to pull together. One man interviewed says they are fighting against both the Houthis and "terrorism" as such.


SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Unnamed Tribal fighter 1
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“We are against Houthis and terrorism alike.” "We are against [UNINTELLIGIBLE] country"

SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Hassan Bahloul, Spokesperson of the Southern Revolutionary Movement in Hadramout
01:53 – 02:50

“Peace be upon the Prophet Mohamad and his honourable descendants. Today is the day of reunion in this historic area. Return to history, roots and authenticity.
We are gathered to unify the voice of all Belobeid clans. We confirm that that Belobeid are a solid bloc that shall not be broken.
Throughout history, we have preserved the security of our area [UNINTELLIGIBLE] al-Soda. We have preserved our security and safety against any kind of aggression. What is happening in Sanaa is their own conflict, we are not concerned with it in any manner here in the south. We have proved our presence. The security of Belobaid is equivalent to the security of the whole land of the south, from Mahra to Bab al-Mandab [UNINTELLIGIBLE]."