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Sample media
By Ignat Solovey
23 May 2017

Vertical pan of bathroom for display on smartphones. 9:16, 1080/23.976p NTSC, Sony PMW-EX1R

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Daily Life - Poverty & Homelessness (...
Yenagoa, Bayelsa, Nigeria
By Tife Owolabi
15 Jun 2013

Bathroom used by occupants of uncompleted building in Yenagoa of oil rich Bayelsa state, Nigeria

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Bathroom Facilities
Dalhamiye, Lebanon
By Docphot
13 Feb 2013

In this camp UNICEF has provided basic bathroom facilities in order to improve sanitation.

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Single Mom in London 11
london, uk
By Lihee Avidan
27 Nov 2007

Hassan (5) lives in a dilapidated council flat in South London with his sister Linda (8) and their mum, Kelly (23). Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe - Kelly got pregnant when she turned 15 and left school.