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Corona Virus (MERS) in Saudi Arabia
By Nina Arif
22 May 2014

Corona Virus Script

Residents in the Saudi capital remain concerned, as the spread of the Middle East respiratory Syndrome - Corona Virus, shows no sign of slowing down.

Corona, which is a deadlier derivative of the SARS virus, has now resulted in more than 200 deaths and close to 600 infections across the Kingdom.

In response, the Saudi government has stepped up its campaign to increase awareness of the virus and encourage people to take precautions to prevent infection.
Text messages like this one from the Ministry of Health advise people to do things like cover their mouths when they cough and wash their hands regularly.

Crowded areas make it easier for corona to spread and so schools and universities have been at the forefront of the government's drive.

But concerned parents of university students have been calling for final exams to be brought forward, so students can leave early. This, after 4 girls at a leading Riyadh university became infected with the virus last month. Students at the university remain cautious...

[SOUNDBITES from university students]

But not all Saudis worry about the spread of the Corona Virus.

This humorous take on MERS [VIDEO] suggests that people's fears are exaggerated and that Saudis are becoming paranoid of catching the virus from each other.... In fact most human infections did not occur in this way .

The World Health Organisation says the majority of infections happened in health-care facilities, raising questions over the adequacy of measures to protect hospital staff.

The world health organisation says camels are the likely source of MERS. The Saudi Agriculture ministry recently warned people to wear protective clothes when dealing with the animals - prompting a backlash from farmers who mocked the advise of ministers with videos like this. [VIDEO OF CAMEL FARMERS].

So far, no travel restrictions have been place on Saudi Arabia. But the recent increase in infections has raised fears over the huge influx of visitors expected during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the subsequent hajj pilgrimage in October.

The world health organisation has advised vulnerable people such as pregnant women and the elderly not to make the pilgrimage.

-Hand sanitizer - face mask

  • cleaners / sanitation equipment

-GVs - streets, kingdom tower, shops malls -pharmacies - hospitals - ambulances - MOH website

  • text message from MOH -MERS paranoia video clip
  • camel farmers video -Medina footage
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Egyptian Court adjourns Al-Khosous tr...
Cairo, Egypt
By Video Cairo Sat
02 Jun 2013

On Saturday June 1st, Egyptian courts adjourned on the trial of 33 defendants for their involvement in the violence that took place in the town of Al-Khosous, north of Cairo, last April. The violence claimed the lives of seven people, and later sparked further sectarian violence. The trial will resume July 6, 2013.

The case was postponed to hear witnesses for the prosecution and the judge refused the defense’s request to release the defendants on bail.

The public prosecution has accused the defendants of murder, illegal possession of weapons, damage to public and private property, inciting panic and possessing Molotov cocktails.

Though the case is being tried by the Banha Criminal Court, the trial was moved to New Cairo Criminal Court in an attempt to ensure the safety of the accused.

The sectarian violence in Al-Khosous broke out between two families, who happen to be Muslim and Christian in Al-Khosous, north of Cairo after Christian children allegedly painted offensive drawings on the wall of an Islamic institute.

The defense lawyers and relatives of the defendants argue that they are innocent, demanding the formation of a new fact-finding committee.

SOUNDBITE 1 (Arabic) – Mohamed Ghareeb, defense lawyer of number of the defendants:
“We would like to say that the state security apparatus still has the same policies like the former regime and they still arrested people from their homes. The defendants were arrested after four or five days of the incident. They do not have any relations with the clashes and they found nothing with them. We ask God to reveal the truth. God willing, they will be announced innocent soon.”

SOUNDBITE 2 (Arabic) – Brother of one of the defendants:
“We hope that the authorities form a new fact-finding committee to discover the truth and I accept that my brother being tried if they proved that he is not innocent. There must be a transparency in the investigations.”

The clashes resulted in the killing of a Christian by a Muslim, prompting some Muslim residents to seek retribution. The violence resulted in the deaths of six Christians and one Muslim.

The funeral for four of the Christians was held at St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral two days after the violence in Al-Khosous broke out. Following the funeral, unidentified men attacked mourners outside the cathedral, which prompted rock throwing. Some eyewitnesses reported gunshots.

On the other hand, earlier on Thursday north Cairo court ordered the release of seven people who had been arrested for suspected involvement in clashes outside St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo.

The suspects have been released from police custody with bail set at LE 2000 each. Prosecutors, meanwhile, have appealed the release order.

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Lahore, Pakistan
By Murtaza Syed
09 May 2013

Lahore : A Pakistani army helicopter rescues people from a burning building in Lahore on May 9, 2013. At least three persons fell from the 13-story LDA plaza situated on Lahore’s Edgerton road 9 trying to avoid a fire that engulfed the building.

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Thousands attend funeral of Egyptians...
Port Said, Egypt
By Video Cairo Sat
04 Mar 2013

Thousands of residents of the Suez Canal city of Port Said in eastern Egypt rallied Monday, March 4, in a funeral procession for two men killed during clashes with security forces the day before.
Mourners gathered outside a city mosque and performed prayers for the dead Monday. They then began processions carrying the coffins one after another to the cemetery, chanting, "The martyr is the beloved of God".
Mourners chanted against the interior ministry as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which President Mohamed Morsi hails.
Port Said was revisited by violence on Saturday but the clashes in the city between protesters and police turned deadly on Sunday after 39 defendants in the Port Said Trial were transferred out of Port Said on Sunday morning.
Police fired intense rounds of teargas throughout the day at demonstrators who opposed an interior ministry decision to transfer 39 prisoners from Port Said to Wadi Natroun prison in Beheira governorate, on the other side of the Nile Delta.
Keeping the defendants in Port Said is a popular demand among the city’s residents.
The prisoners are detained on charges related to the violence at Port Said stadium in February 2012, when over 70 Ahly football club fans were killed.
Sunday's clashes also led to the death of another civilian and two police conscripts, according to the health ministry. Over 400 were injured, according to ministry sources.
This comes ahead of the expected second phase of the Port Said trial scheduled for 9 March, where the 52 remaining defendants out of the total 73 will be issued verdicts. Twenty-one defendants were issued with death sentences in the first set of verdicts.
Thousands of Port Said residents have been conducting a campaign of civil disobedience during the past two weeks to protest marginalization policies at the hands of the central government and to demand justice for those killed in recent clashes.
Several media outlets gave conflicting reports of police and army soldiers exchanging fire at the end of the tense day. Egyptian armed forces official Spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Ali denied the reports on social networks.
Military police deployed to secure the gathering. Many people have responded to a popular campaign to collect signatures to delegate the army with managing the affairs of the state.

STORY: Thousands attend funeral of Egyptians killed in Port Said clashes

Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: March 4, 2013
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: March 4, 2013
Length: 0:01:41
Video Size: 83.4 MB
Language: Arabic
Organized by:
Camera: VCS


  1. Zoom out shot of mourners of Port Said victims shouting against the Interior Ministry
  2. Pan left shot of mourners carrying coffin of one of Egyptians killed in clashes with security forces at Port Said yesterday and shouting "the martyr is the beloved of God"
  3. Various shots of mourners chanting, "the martyr is the beloved of God" and other statements against Morsi
  4. Various shots of mourners during the funeral of civilians killed in clashes
  5. Close up shot of a woman wearing black clothes and standing in the funeral of the victims
  6. Various shots of women participating in the funeral of the victims and saying statements against President Morsi
  7. Medium shot of a veiled woman saying to President Morsi “If you know how to read, so you have to read the history of Port Said, the city of resistance.
  8. Various shots of mourners walking in the funeral of the victims including army officials with Quran is hearing in the background
  9. Various shots of mourners in the funeral along with army vehicles walking in the funeral
  10. Tilt down shot of the paper distributed to people in Port Said by a popular campaign to collect signatures to delegate the army with managing the affairs of Port Said
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Military Plane Crash In Sana'a, Yemen
Sana'a, Yemen
By U.S. Editor
19 Feb 2013

Red Crescent workers and police respond to a military airplane crash in Sana'a Yemen.

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Tin Fever in Indonesia
Bangka Island, Indonesia
By Steven Wassenaar
05 Dec 2012

Famous for its tin deposits, paradisiacal Indonesian island Bangka is destroyed by a tin rush that is the direct consequence of the success of smartphones like IPhone and tablets like Ipad. More and more tin is needed to produce these devices, and every year Indonesia extracts 110,000 tons of tin. Due to a strong demand from manufacturers (such as Samsung and Apple), thousands of Indonesians want to benefit from the high tin prices.

"The number of illegal tin mines, on land or offshore, has increased dramatically because everyone wants a piece of the pie. We believe there are about ten thousand mines today", said Uday Ratno, director of the local NGO Walhi - Friends of the Earth. Illegal tin mining is a very dangerous activity and and accidents occur frequently. According to Utay Radno,every year, between 100 and 150 miners drown in the sea, die in landslides or from diseases (cancer, malaria).
"It's a dangerous job,we know that. But I have to earn a living to support my family", Abuysaid, a miner of 57 years old. The myriads of abandoned mines form - like a war landscape - dangerous polluted mining pits filled with water. Desi's two children, Juni and Abdul, 3 and 4 years old, drowned in such an abandoned pit.

The environment is severely damaged: Bangka Island is disfigured. Mines and craters are everywhere: along roads, in the middle of the jungle, off the coast and even in the gardens in front of houses. It is as if meteors have hit the whole island. Environmental organisations are warning for the consequences, and pointing out the devastation of the landscape, the pollution of the soil, the rivers and the sea with heavy metals and the damage done to underwater wildlife and flora. The miners who work on the sea on makeshift rafts dig for tin by sucking the sand from the sea floor. Some species of fish have already disappeared. Fisherman are obliged to fish far away from the coast in the hope to catch enough fish, says Tjong Ling Siaw, leader of the fishermen on the island. Hotel owners complain about a decline in tourism because of "dirty sea water and noise pollution".

Like the illegal "blood mineral" mining in South Kivu in DR Congo, Bangka is an evidence of the indirect consequences of the commercial success of big technology players who refuse to take responsibility- through actions like mineral tracking or environmental repair and health programs - for the damage that is done to people and the environment.

This reportage is a journey to the heart of the illegal and legal tin mines in Indonesia. I shared the lives of miners who explain why they chose to do this job and sometimes put their lives at risk for a few pounds of tin.

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Mexican youth protest border brutality
Nogales, Sonora
By ST McNeil
02 Nov 2012

Protesters marched to the port of entry to demand justice for the slaying of a 16-year-old by US Border Patrol (Nov. 2, 2012, Nogales, Sonora).

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Demanding Justicia
Nogales, Sonora
By ST McNeil
02 Nov 2012

Protesters marched to the port of entry to the US from Mexico to demand justice for the slaying of a teenager, the 17th such killing since 2007 (Nov. 2, 2012, Nogales, Sonora).

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Military funeral of the Rafah border ...
Nasr City, Egypt
By Transterra Egypt
07 Aug 2012

Soldiers carry the body of one of the victims at
the funeral of the 16 Egyptian security officers who were killed by unknown gunmen Sunday afternoon.
The military funeral began today after noon prayers. A large number of people raised their shoes in Prime Minister Hesham Kandil's face, his car was vandalized, and they chanted against him. The car was damaged, and the minister’s guards were forced to take a different street to avoid further assaults.
President Mohamed Morsi was scheduled to attend the funeral but did not appear.

Several other figures attended, including Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayyeb, as well as former presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi, Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, and Amr Moussa. The Salafi Nour Party and the Salafi Dawah were also represented at the funeral.

The funeral prayers were performed at Aal Rashdan Mosque in Nasr City.

Morsi was also scheduled to visit the seven guards who were injured in the attack afterward.

Ambulances transported coffins of soldiers to the Unknown Soldier Memorial for the military funeral.
Ambulances transported the coffins of soldiers to the Unknown Soldier Memorial for the military funeral.


A civilian holds a chart written on it "Egypt bids farewell to its martyrs of treason and


Families of victims and civilians ask for Morsi to leave.


Military funeral begins


A civilian tries to throw flowers on the coffins and military soldiers forbid him.


A mother of one of the martyrs mourns her son


Military officers salutes the coffins of the martyrs


Military officers forbid journalists from taking shots so as not to stand in the way of the funeral.

Coffins of the martyrs reach the Unknown Soldier Memorial.


One of the martyr's families close to a coffin of one of the martyrs getting ready to move the body to his hometown.

Fights between supporters of Morsi and supporters of SCAF about who is responsible for the massacre.

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Leaked Video: Syrian Security Forces...
By halabysofi
12 May 2012

Precise Date and Location Unknown:

Leaked Video: Syrian Security Forces Step on Captives

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Rescuing a Man Shot by a Sniper in Homs
Homs, Syria
By halabysofi
12 May 2012

May 5, 2012 | Homs, Syria

Men try to rescue a man shot by a sniper by lassoing his legs with a rope and dragging him to safety off of Qanus Street in Homs.

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A Death in Aleppo, May 12, 2012
Aleppo, Syria
By halabysofi
12 May 2012

May 12, 2012, Aleppo, Syria:

In the Salah Al-Deen neighborhood of Aleppo, a man identified as Omar Ahmed Dahruj was killed.

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Public execution in the town of Deirb...
Homs, Syria
By halabysofi
11 May 2012

Footage of seven martyrs including activist Zaher Abu Ghalyoun during the massacre of Dearbaalbeh where fell 478 victims in the hands of regime militias when they occupied the area.

حمص ديربعلبة فيديو لجثث سبعة شهداء بينهم النشط زاهر ابو غليون والباقي لعائلة الشهيد صادق مضيها منشد ديربعلبة مجزرة ديربعلبة التي ذهب ضحيتها ما يقارب 478 شهيد خلال اجتياح مليشات الأسد للحي

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Trial of Dozens Accused in Port Said ...
Port Said, Egypt
By Video Cairo Sat
17 Apr 2012

Cairo, Egypt | April 17, 2012

Amid tight security measures and crowds of protestors, and family members of victims, Port Said Criminal Court, held at the Police Academy in Cairo, adjourned the trial of some 70 men accused in connection with the killing of at least 74 Al-Ahly fans in Port Said was adjourned until May 5 when the court will hear the testimonies of witnesses.

The trial will resume for five consecutive days until May 9, during which time witnesses will give their testimonies, beginning with forensic physicians on day one.

Hundreds of Al-Ahly fans protested outside the court with dances and drumbeats, raising Al-Ahly flags and posters of victims, and demanding retaliation for the riot victims.

Lawyers as well as the family members of the victims seemed relatively satisfied with the course of the trial.

SOUNDBITE 1 (Arabic) – Saleh Farag, father of a victim of the Port Said soccer riot violence:
"The case is going well, praise be to Allah. The course of the case will be very well and we're satisfied with all that happened in the session. The defendants' lawyers of course wanted to prove them not guilty, demanded their release and demanded the trial to be moved to Port Said. They demanded many things. The judge didn’t listen to all of that and decided the trial to be adjourned to May 5." Among the defendants are nine police officers and several officials of Port Said Stadium.
Some of Al-Ahly ultras believe the tragedy was a conspiracy by the police and the ruling military for political reasons while others believe it was all by Port Said fans.
The bloody riots took place on February 1, after a soccer game between Cairo's Al-Ahly and Port Said's Al-Masry in the coastal city of Port Said, where thousands of allegedly riotous fans stormed into the field after the game causing chaos and bloody confrontations, leaving 74 dead and hundreds wounded.

Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: March 25, 2012 [and archive]
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: March 25, 2012
Length: 0:02:24
Video Size: 119 MB
Language: Arabic
Organized by:
Camera: VCS
1- Various shots of crowds of people outside the Police Academy, where the court session is held
2- Various shots of security men outside the court
3- Various shots of a large number of security men outside the court sitting in front of four army armored vehicles
4- Medium shot, a man sitting on the ground with a small wooden model of a grave with a flag of Egypt and flowers, written on "the grave of martyrs"
5- Wide shot outside the court with crowds of people and ambulances
6- Various shots of Al-Ahly fans protesting with a jumping dance and drum beats shouting "new revolution", "rights of martyrs" etc, rising flags of Al-Ahly and other soccer clubs
7- Various shots outside the court
8- Various shots of the gate of the Police Academy, where the court session is held, with security men outside
9- SOUNDBITE 1 (Arabic) – Saleh Farag, father of one of the victims of Port Said soccer riot violence:
"The case is going well, praise be to Allah. The course of the case will be very well and we're satisfied with all that happened in the session. The defendants' lawyers of course wanted to prove them not guilty, demanded their release and demanded the trial to be moved to Port Said. They demanded many things. The judge didn’t listen to all of that and decided the trial to be adjourned to May 5." 10- Various shots of police and security men outside the court
11- Medium shot, two army armored vehicles with two a soldier and a flag of Egypt on top of each
12- Various shots of the soccer riot tragedy at Port Said Stadium (archive, Feb 1)
13- Tilt down, the main gate of Al-Masry Stadium at Port Said, where the riots took place, with crowds outside the stadium (archive)
14- Various shots of the aftermath of the riots at the stadium seats with blood spots on the seats and the ground (archive)
15- Various shots of many pairs of shoes at stadium exit where the tragedy took place (archive)

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Wounds of Tahrir
Cairo, Egypt
By moody
21 Dec 2011

December 20, 2011 - A young protester holds out a blood stained cloth from his wounds sustained in clashes with Cairo Security Forces which have killed 13 people since the start of clashes five days ago.