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Liping the Ghost Town
By vincenzo floramo
01 Mar 2016

On the 27th of April 2015 a second earthquake of 6.5 magnitude struck 17 km south of the village of Liping on the Nepali - Tibet border. Eleven months after the destructive earthquake the northern border with China remains closed. Nowadays the main Sino - Nepal border crossing point is at Rasuwagadhi - Kerung north of Kathmandu. Liping village, which was once a busy crossing point for businessmen from China, India and Nepal, looks today like a ghost town. Around 75% to the population left the village and moved to nearby villages or Kathmandu. The Nepal government is still assessing the damage but the area looks untouched since the quake hit. The Chinese decision to close the border for security reasons has affected the local population whose livelihood depended on trade and tourism. Is not clear when the road will be reopened. At the moment there is still a big risk of landslides, especially with the coming raining season. Liping residents who remain in the village try to have a normal day by day life and keep the spirit of the community alive.

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Liping the Ghost Town 06
By vincenzo floramo
29 Feb 2016

A local woman walks by a big landslide on the road near the border bridge with China.

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Hardship for Earthquake Survivors in ...
Kodari, Nepal
By vincenzo floramo
01 May 2015

On April 27th a second earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 struck in an area 17 km south of the village of Kodari on the Nepal-Tibet border. Massive landslides further blocked the already damaged Araniko Highway which connects the Nepalese capital Kathmandu to the border. A week after the natural disaster 1500 people were still isolated in Kodari where they survived by sleeping in vehicles and improvised shelters. Cold temperatures at night and uncertainty about when it will be possible for them to leave the dangerous area is taking a heavy toll on the local population. A few helicopters from the Nepalese Army are being used to transfer from 12 to 40 people a day to a safer places, but the small number of passengers per trip and a shortage of food is said to create chaos and further hunger for the people waiting to be airlifted. Some people decide to walk the 12 kilometers along the damaged highway that connects Kodari to the town of Barabise where it is possible to travel by bus to the capital.

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India: Landslide Buries Fifteen in Ka...
By Umar Mehraj
30 Mar 2015

Landslides have buried at least 15 people in Indian Kashmir as hundreds fled their homes after heavy rain triggered flooding around the mountainous region. Police and witnesses said landslides had buried at least four houses in Chadoora, the worst hit area of the Himalayan region where hundreds were killed in devastating floods last September.

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NuJiang (7 of 25)
Fugong, Yunna, China
By Teo Butturini
03 Aug 2012

A sight of the NuJiang Valley's road from inside a mini-bus. The road is quite dangerous, as it's still unfinished and subject to landslides. Here the driver is seen on the dirt while smoking a cigarette and talking with his mobile phone.