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Kafranbel, the choice of democracy (1...
Kafranbel, Syria
By Marie
13 Apr 2013

Kafranbel inhabitants sing « Kafranbel won't die, Syria is united ». The media activist Mohammad launches into slogans that demonstrators sing along all together.

Les habitants de Kafranbel, chantent « Kafranbel ne mourra pas, la Syrie est unie ». Mohammad activiste média entonne les slogans que les manifestants reprennent en cœur.

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Yemen's Youth Revolution Remembered (...
Sana'a, Yemen
By luke_somers
12 Feb 2013

Amid thousands of people turning out for a celebration on Sana’a’s Sixty Meters Road, a number of Syrian revolutionary flags are carried, worn and held high.

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Transition (Part 2 of 2)
Moscow, Russia
By Marina Fonda
03 Jan 2010

Wissam is a Journalism student in Moscow and former Syrian Army officer. After being forbidden by his advisor teacher of writing his final paper on the farce of Russian coverage of the conflicts on Syria, he decides to head back to his homeland to make a film and show Russians what's really going on in his country. But they seem to have already been persuaded by state TVs' official propaganda pro Bashar Al Assad.
This teaser refers to a full HD 50 min. documentary film.