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Land Day 6
Wadi Fukin
By Rich Wiles
29 Mar 2015

In the West Bank village of Wadi Fukin, an olive tree planting event is underway with local activists and refugees from Bethlehem's refugee camps to commemorate Land Day on March 30th 2015.

Wadi Fukin, West Bank, Palestine. March 30 2015.

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Ma'ale Adumim, West Bank
By Editor's Picks
20 Dec 2012

Ten Palestinian Bedouin communities living in the West Bank E1 corridor connecting Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem are facing displacement as Israeli authorities recently approved the construction of thousands of new housing units. The community's traditional way of life is threatened by Israel's plans to build more settlement units.

The E1 project has sparked a major diplomatic backlash. Experts say it could jeopardize the possibility of a contiguous and viable Palestinian state. Most of the Bedouins living in this area are refugees whose families were forced out of Israel’s Negev in 1948.