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woman watch the burial of Castro in L...
By Illuminati Filmes
16 Dec 2016

Cuba, Havana, a Woman watch on the tv the burial of Fidel Castro

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A Hero Found: Missing Soldier Returns...
Gilan, Sangar, ُSangar Road, Iran
By Hosain Nazari
07 Mar 2015

Born 16 july 1968 in Shahrestan village, near the northern Iranian city of Rasht, Mohammad Ali Hasanjani was only 18 years old when he was deployed by the Iranian Army on the frontlines of the Iran-Iraq war. Soon after he was killed and his body never recovered. For 27 years he lay missing, buried amidst the wreckage of war, his family having no remains with which to mourn. However, after missing for 27 years, Mohammad's body was found and he was recently returned home to his village for a hero's funeral. 

During the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1989) hundreds of thousands of soldiers were killed on both sides. In Iran, people who were killed in the conflict were declared martyrs, or heroes for their country. Due to the chaotic and exceptionally deadly nature of the war, many soldiers went missing in battle. At the end of the war, the search began to find those missing in action and the mission continues to this day. Many of those soldiers who are found are never identified. However, in some cases, like that of Mohammad Ali Hasanjani, missing soldiers are indentified and returned home for a long overdue funeral. 

These photos chronicle the funeral of Mohammad Ali Hasanjani 27 years after he was killed.