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Kobane Clashes
Turkish-Syria border
By Ibrahim Husseini
25 Jun 2015

Video shot from the Turkish side of the border showing smoke rising over Kobane, Syria as Kurdish YPG forces clash with Islamic State fighters.

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Pakistan's Fight Against the Taliban
Peshawar, Pakistan
By Transterra Editor
30 Dec 2014

The recent Taliban attack in Peshawar that took the lives of over 100 children is the latest in a years-long conflict between the Pakistani government and Taliban militants. The group has actively staged attacks on civilians and government targets since 2004, especially in the tribal regions bordering Afghanistan. With no clear end in sight to the conflict, and now mourning the loss of 132 of their children, Pakistani citizens and politicians face an uncertain security situation.

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Clashes Between Protesters and Police...
By Mohamed Hisham
09 Apr 2014

Clashes at Cairo University between security forces and students protesting Monday's mass death sentence for 529 of Muslim Brotherhood supporters have left one student dead and eight injured, the health ministry reported on Wednesday.
The clashes began when the pro-Brotherhood students tried to move their protest from the university's campus to nearby Al-Nahda Square and were met by security forces, who forced the students back onto the campus, state-run TV reported.
The students shot fireworks at the police and pelted them with stones, state-run TV added.
Private TV channel CBC showed large groups of students running in the vicinity of the university campus and police moving to disperse students gathered in Al-Nahda Square – site of a protest camp for ousted president Mohamed Morsi that was violently cleared by security forces in August.
Brotherhood supporters had previously announced they would protest on Wednesday against the ruling of a court in Minya on Monday in which 529 persons loyal to ousted president Mohamed Morsi were given the death penalty on charges of killing a police officer, among others.
The verdict is expected to be appealed.
A security source told Al-Ahram's Arabic newspaper that groups of pro-Morsi students also protested on Wednesday at Zagazig University in Sharqiya governorate. Twelve people were wounded in clashes that ensued between supporting and opposing students.
The source said rioting students smashed the glass facade of the university's administration building and attacked a number of students and cars.
Police in Zagazig arrested eight rioters and brought the situation "under control," the security source added.


1- Various shots of heavy teargas around the campus of Cairo University.
2- Medium shot of the ambulance.
3- Various shots of the security forces, firemen and ambulances.
4- Medium shot of firemen storm the students with water cannons.
5- Various shots of students and reporters running from teargas and fireworks.
6- Various shots of security forces and armored vehicles moving on.
7- Various shots of security forces storming the students with teargas.