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Moqtada Al-Sadr Followers Protest
By mushtaq mohammed
26 Apr 2016

Thousands of protesters who support the Iraqi Shiaa spiritual leader Moqtada al-Sadr, gathered on Tuesday, April 26th in Tahrir square near the gate of the Green Zone in central Baghdad. The protesters demanded the Iraqi parliament vote for the formation of a new government and take action on economic and political reform.

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Clashes in Tunisia over Petrofac Jobs
By Mourad TEYEB
14 Apr 2016

Clashes erupted on Thursday and Friday evenings in Kerkennah, an island off the east coast of Tunisia, between police and demonstrators.
Police used tear gas and water jets to disperse protesters who threw stones at law enforcement officers.
Residents of the island have been carrying out protests against the British oil company Petrofac, which they accuse of denying jobs to unemployed youth on the island.

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Macedonia Demonstration
By Aleksandra Dukovska
12 Apr 2016

Opposition supporters demonstrated in Skopje, Macedonia on April 12 and 13 demanding the resignation of President Gjorge Ivanov after he issued pardons to 56 members of the ruling party and opposition linked to a wiretapping scandal.

00:30 Protesters (Macedonian)
"Prison"; "Prison"

00:40 Woman (Macedonian)
"If someone ask you, 'who are you defending?' "I am clean, I am defending the Constitution of Republic of Macedonia.”

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COP21 Demonstrations in Paris
Paris, France
By Bruno Giambelluca
16 Dec 2015

Thousands of people gathered in Paris to participate in the Red Lines protest, near the Arc de Triomphe, and the D12 rally at the Champs de Mars. In a peaceful manner they demanded for Climate Justice and a fruitful agreement at COP 21.

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COP21 Protests 01
Paris, France
By Bruno Giambelluca
12 Dec 2015

Red Lines protest in paris. In the Background the Arch of Triumph.