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Sample media
By Ignat Solovey
23 May 2017

Vertical pan of bathroom for display on smartphones. 9:16, 1080/23.976p NTSC, Sony PMW-EX1R

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Ukraine: A Ritual Bath in the Frigid ...
Izmail, Ukraine
By danubestory
19 Jan 2014

On the 19th of January, Ukrainian Orthodox Christians observe a special tradition aimed at washing away all their sins and securing good health. One by one they enter the frigid water of a river or lake and submerge themselves three times. In the town of Izmail, this ritual is performed on the banks of the river Danube. In the past, only men bathed in the icy river. Now, ladies also plunge into the cold of the river. On the beach it seems like a hot summer day: ladies in bikinis gather and laugh. However, people well dressed in winter coats remind one of the cold January weather.

Christening, called “Krescenie“ in Ukrainian, is not just about bathing. People meet on the banks of the river and have barbecues, grilling meat, drinking and socializing. Musicians are always nearby. With mulled wine and vodka, the faithful soon forget the cold weather.

Andrey Stefoglo, resident of Izmail, was born with his left hand deformed. Nonetheless, he found work as a hotel manager on a German cruise ship. He is among the luckier of Izmail’s people: he has a good job. The region is poor, being nearly forgotten after the collapse of Soviet Union. People here usually speak Russian. The area was once called Besarabia, and over time, belonged to the Ottoman Empire, Romania and Russia. Here, people of forty ethnic groups and nationalities coexist without any problems.

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Nigeria Oil Theft (6 of 25)
Bayelsa, Nigeria
By Tife Owolabi
18 May 2013

A child has his bath in the Deibou community area of Bayelsa state near Nun river in the oil-rich Niger Delta. Thousands of people live on less than $1 per day, despite the fact that the Niger Delta ranks as the seventh-largest oil producing nation in the world.

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Single Mom in London 11
london, uk
By Lihee Avidan
27 Nov 2007

Hassan (5) lives in a dilapidated council flat in South London with his sister Linda (8) and their mum, Kelly (23). Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe - Kelly got pregnant when she turned 15 and left school.