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Quds Day Demonstration, Bahrain
Abu Seba
By MazenMahdi
10 Jul 2015

Shiite Bahrainis march in Abu Seba village, north of Manama, following morning prayers to mark Quds Day which is being observed under the slogan “Quds, the compass of the revolutionary”.

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Civilians Flee Shooting in Mualla Nea...
Mualla, Yemen
By Amged Sabeeh
09 Apr 2015

Mualla, Yemen
April 9, 2015

Video shows civilians fleeing gunshots in a peripheral street of the city of Mualla near Aden, south Yemen. According to a Transterra Media contributor, Houthi fighters shot at people who were trying to rescue a family stuck in an apartment, which had been hit by a mortar shell.
Popular Committees fighters loyal to President Abd Rabbu Hadi Mansour control central Mualla while Houthi fighters are trying to push their way into the city.

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Aftermath in Cairo
Cairo, Egypt
By Daniel Van Moll
28 Aug 2013

Students demonstrating in front of the Syndicate of Journalists in Cairo, Egypt on August, 28th 2013.

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Protesting Israeli Strikes In Gaza (5...
ESCWA, Beirut, Lebanon
By hussein baydoun
15 Nov 2012

The Lebanese Communist Party and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine demonstrated in front of the ESCWA (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia) building in Beirut, Lebanon, demonstrating against the Israeli strikes inside the Gaza Strip on Thursday, November 15, 2012.
Photo: Hussein Beydoun

إعتصام لحزب الشيوعي اللبناني والجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين مقابل مبنى اسكوا في بيروت ضد مجازر الاسرائليين في قطاع غزة. بيروت ، لبنان . تصوير : حسين بيضون

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October 7th, World Day Demonstration ...
Barcelona, Spain
By Francesc Xavier Subias Salvo
07 Oct 2012

Barcelona, Spain. Thousands gathered to rally in the streets of Barcelona Sunday, October 7, 2012, to defend the right of everyone to have decent work. The call, made simultaneously across the state, also serves for unions gain momentum and set the stage for what could be a general strike throughout Europe.

Barcelona, Spain. Hoy domingo se han manifestado miles de personas por las calles de Barcelona para defender el derecho de todos a tener un trabajo digno. La convocatoria, que se ha hecho simultáneamente en las principales del Estado, también ha servido para que los sindicatos calienten motores y preparen el terreno por lo que podría ser una huelga general a nivel europeo.

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All together now
Amman, Jordan
By MattKauffman
21 Sep 2012

Protestors sang loud and proud despite an increase in detainment of those criticizing the government, they said.

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Response To Death Of 16 Year Old Boy
Takbeer, Bahrain
By Media Made by Bahraini People
18 Aug 2012

18 August 2012
In Takbeer, citizens gathered on rooftops shouting, "God is Great," upon hearing the news of the 16 year old boy killed by Bahraini security forces.

Thousands gathered to mourn the death of Hummam Al Haddad, a sixteen year old boy who was allegedly shot, beaten and killed by Bahraini security forces. At the funeral Bahrainis shouted for the king and his successors to step down. Heavily armed regime forces reportedly blocked all bridges leading the the island of Muharraq where the boy was from and where the funeral was held, to prevent citizens from attending. The opposition group called The National Islamic Accord Association announced 3 days of mourning.

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Azerbaijan demonstrations during Euro...
Baku, Azerbaijan
By Andreas bro
20 May 2012

Two women are arrested during a protest in front of the national Azeri TV station for shouting slogans. The protest took place during the Eurovision song contest. Civilian agents and policemen arrested everyone present who was not press or security, including bystanders not involved in the protest.