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Khufu Solar Boat Excavation (21 of 26)
Giza, Egypt
By Leyland Cecco
25 Jun 2013

Flanked by bodyguards, the Minister of State for Antiquities Ahmed Eissa makes his way to the excavation site to oversee the removal of wood strips from the solar boat.

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SPEAKING OF SYRIA - Editor's Picks 1...
By Editor's Picks
17 Sep 2012

In meetings and press conferences, everyone is talking about Syria and discussing possible solutions to the ongoing crisis. Egyptian President Morsi, along with Foreign Minister Kamel Amr, held talks with the Iranian, Turkish and French Foreign Ministers, touching on the increasing number of refugees, the fate of Bashar Al Assad and the "contact group," consisting of Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia who have both influence and interest in the outcome of the crisis in Syria. Talks also gravitated toward the recent film on youtube that insulted the Prophet Mohammed and sparked massive protests among enraged Muslim communities.