Frame 0004
Aftermath of Tunisia Shooting Attack
Port El Kantaoui
By Marwen Farhani
26 Jun 2015


Video recorded in the immediate hours following the attack on tourists by a lone gunman at the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in the beach resort area of Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia on June 26, 2015

NOTE: Various portions of the video have no audio or distorted audio.

Frame 0004
Kurdish Girl Describes IS Attack in K...
Suruc, Turkey
By Ibrahim Husseini
26 Jun 2015

17 year old Suzan Hamo is a Kurdish girl from Kobane, Syria. She fled her home in Kobane after IS fighters attacked the town in the early hours of Thursday June 25, 2015. She says her house was set on fire and she received burn wounds as a result. Suzan is now receiving medical attention in Suruc.

Frame 0004
Gunfire Between YPG and IS Forces in ...
Kobane, Syrian-Turkish border
By Ibrahim Husseini
25 Jun 2015

Kobane, Syria
June 25, 2015

Footage taken from the Turkish side of the border shows sporadic fighting between the Kurdish YPG and the IS fighters. Kurdish sources say that IS fighters remain encircled by the YPG in Kobane, in two positions. Reports say that the IS have positioned themselves in a school and have taken hostages there. No exact figure on the number of the hostages were given.

Frame 0004
Shiite Militia Fighters in Southwest ...
By mushtaq mohammed
03 Jun 2015

Fighters belonging to Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi 'Popular Mobilization' militia battle ISIS in southwest Anbar Province.

Frame 0004
ISIS Captures Iraqi Military Outpost ...
Ramadi, Anbar
By omariq
28 May 2015

May 27, 2015
Ramadi, Iraq

Video shot by a member of ISIS shows ISIS militants capturing an Iraqi Army outpost in Ramadi.
Gunfire and shouting can be heard as ISIS fighters are seen advancing towards the military post where an Iraqi flag is flying.

Ramadi, the capital of Anbar, Iraq's largest province, fell to ISIS when the group launched a large offensive at the beginning of May 2015.

Disclaimer: The appearance of this video on Transterra Media website does not in anyway constitute an endorsement by Transterra Media of ISIS or any claims or statements made in this video.

Frame 0004
Heavy Fire Exchange between Saudi For...
By Dhaifallah Homran
06 May 2015

Akifa, Najran, Saudi Arabia

May 6, 2015

Footage recorded by a camera mounted on a captured Saudi military vehicle shows heavy exchange of gunfire at night between Saudi soldiers and Yemeni tribal fighters loyal to the Houthis.

According to a Transterra Media contributor, Yemeni tribal fighters crossed the border and took over a military post in the border area of Akifa. Fighters reportedly captured the Saudi military vehicle on which the camera had been mounted. The contributor, quoting Yemeni tribal fighters who took part in the clashes, said that Saudi helicopters bombed the military post to drive the fighters out.

The official spokesperson of the Saudi-led operation Decisive Storm, Brigadier-General Ahmed Asiri, was quoted by media reports as saying that Houthi fighters fired mortar shells and rockets in the area of Najran. However, he did not mention the occurrence of ground clashes.

Frame 0004
Gunmen Fire at Houthi Positions in Aden
Aden, Yemen
By Amged Sabeeh
12 Apr 2015

South Yemen militia fighters fire at Houthi rebels from their positions in the southern city of Aden on Sunday, April 12th.

Frame 0004
Empty Street in Aden with Explosion
Aden, Yemen
By Amged Sabeeh
12 Apr 2015

An empty street in the southern city of Aden was hit by an explosion on Sunday, April 12th.

Frame 0004
Civilian Homes Bear the Trunt of Airs...
al-Dali, Yemen
By Amged Sabeeh
30 Mar 2015

The 33rd Armored Brigade, loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and backed up by the Houthis, try and force their way into the city of Al-Dali.

Video shows explosions from the 33rd Armored Brigade's bombardment of civilian homes in Al-Dali, near the telecommunication center.

The video shows fighters from the 33rd Armored Brigade and Houthi militias deploying heavy artillery between civilian homes in the southern part of the city.

According to local sources, the Houthi troops were not able to advance into the city and are facing heavy resistance from the al-Herak al-Janubi.

Also seen are Houthi anti-aircraft guns firing at airplanes.

Al Dali is seen as a major route to to Yemen's southern provinces and has recently witnessed clashed between the Houthis and al-Herak al-Janubi ("Southern Movement") separatists.

Meanwhile, Saudi Air Force and their allies have been striking Houthis positions across Yemen since Wednesday March 25, 2015.

Shot list:

Various of bombing on al-Dali city

Various of 33rd Armed Brigade and Houthi fighters and armored vehicles

Moving shot of anti-aircraft machinegun firing at the sky

Various of bombing on al-Dali city

Moving shot of fighters, armored vehicles and Yemeni flag

Frame 0004
Shiite Badr Militia Attacks ISIS Posi...
By mushtaq mohammed
04 Mar 2015

March 4, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Fighters belonging to the militia of the Shiite Badr Organization clash with ISIS militants in the village of Ad-Dawr, Iraq south of Tikrit. Militia leaders say ISIS was forced to retreat, giving Badr fighters control of the village. During the battle Mustafa al-Amiri, son of the Badr militia commander Hadi al-Amiri was injured.


(00:24) Fighters chanting: "Labayk ya Hussein [We are answering the call of Hussein]." "Labayki ya Zahraa [We are answering the call of Zahraa]."

(04:07) Fighter 1: "We are at the front line with the enemy, it is a tactical attack for the military forces who started to move forward, Victory is ours."

(05:37) Fighter 2: "We will not withdraw, until the last minute, only death can take us back to our families before retrieving Najaf. There is noway we are going back, and we want to avenge our martyrs in Spiker."

(07:05) Fighter 3: "We ask God to help us achieve our goal, for the sake of al-Hussein, the martyr in Kerbala. We ask God to help us achieve victory against our enemies, for the sake of al-Huseein, al-Zahraa, Abi Abdullah al-Hussein, and Ahl al-Bayt [the people of the House]."

(08:32) Fighter 4: "Those are the people who killed the martyrs in Spiker. We will avenge them, until we reach Mosul."

Frame 0004
Censored Video From ISIS-Controlled D...
By abd alkareem
15 Feb 2015

Deir al-Zor, Syria

February 15, 2015

This video was recorded in the ISIS-controlled city of Deir al-Zor, in eastern Syria with the approval ISIS. The cameraman was escorted by a member of the group during the recording and the video was subjected to review and censorship by ISIS.
The appearance of this video on the Transterra Media website does not in anyway constitute an endorsement by Transterra Media of ISIS or any claims or statements made in this video.

The video shows detainees held by the ISIS police force, known as Al-Hisba. The detainees are believed to have been arrested for smoking or not praying, which are considered crimes according to ISIS’ interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. The video offers an insight of the moral disciplining and law enforcement measures practiced by ISIS.
In addition the video shows a nighttime public gathering and scenes of Deir al-Zor streets, where ISIS banners and propaganda billboards are conspicuous.
The video also shows ISIS fighters firing weapons in what is believed to be a battle against Syrian Army forces in the Huweijat Saqe area near Deir al


Zoom out of “reconciliation hall” door/ L-R pan inside police station.

Wide of ISIS security members and civilians inside police station.

Medium of poster declaring “The 10 practices that nullify faith in Islam.” Zoom out of detainees sitting under the poster/ R-L pan of detainees seemingly reading the Quran.

Various of preacher talking to detainees NAT Sound (Arabic, Man), Unnamed ISIS Preacher
01:04 – 01:33
“[Citing a saying by the Prophet Mohammad] That which differentiates us from them [unbelievers] is our performance of prayer. He who abandons it becomes a unbeliever. Imam Ahmad, a man for whose existence we thank God, said: ‘He who abandons prayers deliberately and out of laziness is a unbeliever.’ This is not a simple matter. It is a matter of belief or disbelief, of going to paradise or hell.”

Wide of man calling for praying for prayer as detainees prepare to start praying.

SOUNDBITE (ARABIC, Man) Unnamed detainee
01:51 – 02:01
“I was arrested for smoking. I have been here for two hours. There is no problem. All of this is in our interest.”

SOUNDBITE (ARABIC, Man) Unnamed detainee
02:02 – 02:49
- You were inside the police station, right? - Yes. - How long have were you arrested for? - Three or four days. - What was your charge? - I was accused of smoking.
- How were you treated inside? - The treatment is in accordance with Islam. - Did you see anything that was not good? - No, no. - Did anyone force to do anything? - No, everything was according to God’s Sharia. - Did you see anyone at the police station who being treated better than you were? - No, no. Everybody was treated the same way. There was no difference among people. - No you have been released by the police. Will you be arrested again? - No, no. I will commit this sin again.

Wide of released detainee talking to ISIS security officers.

Traveling shot of released detainee walking with security officer out of police station.

Various shots of children and adults watching ISIS propaganda film featuring battles in a public square.

Various shots of crowd waving ISIS flags. NAT Sound (Arabic) Crowd repeat after man speaking over loudspeaker (05:02 - 5:17): “The prophet is our leader; the Quran is our constitution; the State of the Caliphate is our state.”

Close-up/zoom out propaganda CDs with the title “The evidence that a woman’s face should be covered” being handed out to crowd of young men.

Moving shot of ISIS fighter handing out chocolate to children.

Wide/zoom out of street lined with ISIS flags.

Traveling of road sign at the entrance of Deir al-Zor and street. NAT Sound (Arabic): ISIS anthem/ billboard promoting hijab (6:43)

Various shots of ISIS flags hung on street light poles (07:15). Wide of billboard discouraging smoking. The right-hand side of the billboard bears what appears to be the image of miswak, a plant the prophet recommended for good breath in the Quranic verse, “He alloweth unto them things clean.” The second half of the billboard features what appears to be a cigarette stub, as well as the Quranic verse “And He forbiddeth unto them things impure.” The billboard is signed: “The Islamic State, Province of the Good,” the name given to Deir al-Zor by ISIS.

Various of ISIS flags hung on street light poles

Medium/zoom out of billboard: “There shall be a caliphate according to the Prophet’s path,” signed by the Islamic State.

Close-up/ zoom out of ISIS flags hung on street light poles.

Tilt down on ISIS flags hung on street light poles/zoom in on billboard: “There shall be a caliphate according to the Prophet’s path,” signed by the Islamic State.

Traveling of street; billboard reads: “There shall be caliphate according to the Prophet’s path”

Various of women wearing the niqab walking in market.

L-R pan of shops/ lettering on the wall reads: “O God, bring your victory soon.”

Wide of women Various of women wearing the niqab walking in market

Moving shot of ISIS fighters in a speed boat moving in the Euphrates NAT Sound (Arabic) fighter: "The State of Islam shall remain despite the awakenings and the Alawites.”

Various of fighters firing a heavy machine gun in an exchange of fire NAT Sound (Arabic) Unseen man: (12:22 – 12:37) “God is great! A mujahid returns the fire at regime troops at Huweijat Saqer. (13:15 – 13:17) The state of Islam shall remain.”

13:26: Nat SOUND fighters, “The state of Islam shall remain.”

Thumb sm
The Battle in Ukraine's Frontline
By Arturas Morozovas
14 Nov 2014

The protests that flared up on the main square of Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev sought to topple the corrupt Soviet government. One year after the start of the Maidan revolution, the country is fighting the Russia-backed separatism in the Donbas region.

Despite the mutual ceasefire agreement laid out in the Minsk Memorandum signed on September 19, gunfire continues on the daily basis in the east of the country.

During several days spent on the front lines near the Donetsk Airport, the motivation and patriotism of the Ukrainians are evident. Young volunteers, many of whom are still in the university or have recently graduated, were pacifists a year ago, but now they can handle weapons and are not afraid to die for their country. The Ukrainian Army is just behind their lines, but key tasks are entrusted to the volunteers of the ultranationalist organisation the Right Sector, and the Dnipro battalion.

The voluntary army feeding on nationalism and armed with trophy weapons captured from the separatists sends a clear message to the Ukrainian government: “When we are done in the Eastern Ukraine, we are coming for you.”

“We have never believed in the illusion of Independent Ukraine. The government is still staffed with the same Soviet relics that take pleasure in putting spokes in the wheels of the European Ukraine,” says Yashkin, the volunteer of the Right Sector.

Frame 0004
Hanano battles
By Mhammad Darwish
02 Oct 2013

Clashes, destruction and interviews in the Hanano district of Aleppo.

Thumb sm
The Battle for Kabul
Kabul, Afghanistan
By johnjournalist
25 May 2013

An Afghan Security Forces soldier holds the line between clashes and journalists in Kabul. Taliban members and Afghan forces fought a six hour gun battle in the city center. Kabul, Afghanistan. May 2013.

Frame 0004
The Siege Of Kabul - Afghan Forces vs...
Kabul, Afghanistan
By johnjournalist
25 May 2013

Raw footage from a major battle with the Taliban in Kabul.
Afghan forces fought for 6 hours with up to 8 insurgents after they assaulted and besieged a building in the centre of Kabul.
The insurgent attack was preceded by a very large explosion, believed to be a car bomb, and gunfire.

The battle raged into the night with multiple explosions believed to be rocket propelled grenades fired by both sides.

Frame 0004
One Killed, 13 injured in Clashes at ...
Ain el Hilweh, Sidon, Lebanon
By Video Cairo Sat
13 Mar 2013

One person was killed and at least 13 people were wounded in renewed clashes between armed factions in Lebanon‘s largest Palestinian refugee camp Ain el-Hilweh on Tuesday, March 12, near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, according to Lebanese security officials.
The clashes between Fatah members and rivals from the Fatah al-Islam radical group began earlier on Monday night after a member of the extremist Fatah al-Islam group was shot in what appeared to be a personal dispute. The shots killed a passer-by and injured five others.
The officials said heavy clashes with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades resumed Tuesday.
Although not involved in the clashes, a rocket-propelled grenade hit an office belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Two hours into the fighting, some of Ain al-Hilweh’s residents roamed the camp’s streets, calling on people through loudspeakers to take part in a demonstration to condemn the clashes.
SOUNDBITE 1 (Arabic) – Palestinian resident at Ain al-Helweh camp:
“I lost all my properties and my home as well. I call on the Popular Committees at Ain al-Helweh camp to bring for me my right. I wait for the committees to bring my right for me after the ending of these clashes. I hope they can help us because we are suffering a lot.” Ain al-Hilweh’s residents ask for an end to the infighting.
The Lebanese army deployed reinforcements to the edges of the camp following the clashes, but troops did not enter the premises under an agreement between the army and Palestinian groups that prevent them from entering Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon.
Ain el-Hilweh is considered the largest and most populated Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

STORY: One Killed, 13 injured in Clashes at Palestinian Refugee Camp Southern Lebanon
Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCSS
Shooting Dateline: March 12, 2013
Shooting Location: Palestinian refugee camp Ain el-Hilweh, near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon
Publishing Time: March 12, 2013
Length: 0:01:39
Video Size: 50.5 MB
Language: Arabic
Organized by:
1. Various shots of fighters are seen shooting in the Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp, south Lebanon.
2. Wide shot of fighter shooting and running
3. Various shots of militants shooting and then disappearing
4. Various shots of damages resulted from the clashes
5. Wide shot of one of the shops affected by the clashes in the Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp, south Lebanon
6. SOUNDBITE 1 (Arabic) – Palestinian resident at Ain al-Helweh camp:
“I lost all my properties and my home as well. I call on the Popular Committees at Ain al-Helweh camp to bring for me my right. I wait for the committees to bring my right for me after the ending of these clashes. I hope they can help us because we are suffering a lot.” 7. Various shots of Ain al-Hilweh’s residents roamed the camp’s streets to denounce violence and to ask for an end to the infighting.


Thumb sm
Assir vs. Hezbollah and a Funeral in ...
Saida, Lebanon
By Randa Mirza
12 Nov 2012

On the 10th of November, two followers of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Assir died during a fire exchange between Al-Assir’s supporters and Hezbollah members in Sidon.
It was the first bloody confrontation between a Salafi group and Hezbollah.

Frame 0004
Two Killed in Clashes between Hezboll...
Sidon, Lebanon
By Editor's Picks
11 Nov 2012

Two people were killed and seven injured on Sunday, November 11, in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon in sectarian fighting between Shiite supporters of Hezbollah militants, and Sunni supporters of Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir.

Lebanese army forces were deployed immediately to the area to contain the situation, though gunfire could be heard throughout the day.

The clashes erupted when Sheikh Al-Assir and his supporters, opponents of Hezbollah and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, demanded the removal of Hezbollah banners from Sidon by Sunday. In defiance, Hezbollah Shiite supporters continued preparing the banners for massive rituals to be held late November.

The sectarian clashes add tension to the situation in Lebanon folloeing the assassination of a senior intelligence official in October.

Story: Two Killed in Clashes between Hezbollah Shiite Supporters and Sunnis
Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: November 11, 2012
Shooting Location: Sidon, Lebanon
Publishing Time: November 11, 2012
Length: 0:01:17
Video Size: 63.4 MB
Organized by:
Camera: VCS

1- Various shots of army tanks and soldiers in the fighting area
2- Various shots of blood stains and traces on the sidewalk
3- Various shots of ambulance moving and the army tank, soldiers and people in the background
4- Various shots of blood stains and traces on the sidewalks
5- Various shots of the medical assistants and doctors examining a large spot of blood stain on the ground
6- Various shots of several army soldiers in the street where the fight took place, with the medical assistants in the background
7- Various shots of damaged cars, more blood stains in the ground, soldiers in the background