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ISIS Executes Iraqi Soldiers in Mosul
Mosul, Iraq
By omariq
25 Apr 2015

The video was obtained by a contributor in Mosul from a witness to the executions.

DISCLAIMER: The appearance of this video on the Transterra Media website does not in anyway constitute an endorsement by Transterra Media of ISIS or any claims or statements made in this video.

April 25, 2015
Mosul, Iraq

Video shows soldiers of the Iraqi Army being executed by ISIS militants.
The soldiers who were captured in mid April during clashes with ISIS in Baiji, in northern Iraq, are kneeling on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs. An ISIS member is heard announcing and justifying the execution of the soldiers, before they are shot in the head from behind.


SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unseen ISIS Fighter 1
00:00 – 01:05

“In the name of God, and peace be upon the Leader of the Believers [Prophet Mohammad]; We have taken it upon ourselves to fight in along God’s path. We fight against those who disbelieve in God in order to uphold God’s religion and hoist His banner high. God rightfully grants His soldiers and party victory.
[The Prophet] peace be upon Him said: ‘He who changes his religion should be killed.’ [The Prophet] peace be upon Him also said: ‘ِA disbeliever and his killer cannot be joined together in hell.’ We ask God almighty to make us martyrs in his path and to allow these disbelievers to benefit from His mercy and be spared from hell. Peace be upon our Lord Mohammad, and His family and companions.
God is greatest! God is greatest! God is greatest!”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unseen ISIS Fighter 2
01:06 – 01:15

“In the name of God, Executing the verdict against these apostates is an implementation of God’s rule. God is greatest!”

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Governor’s Palace in Tikrit Bears Sca...
By mushtaq mohammed
06 Apr 2015

Tikrit, Iraq
April 6, 2015

Video shows various shots of the vacant and embattled governor’s palace in northern Tikrit, which was recently retaken from ISIS by government forces. The flag of ISIS appears on its outer wall. The militant group is still in control of pockets of central Tikrit.


Wide of parking lot
Wide of wrecked building façade
Medium of ISIS painted on wall/ Zoom out of gate
Wide of Iraqi and Shiite militias flags above makeshift burial site
Wide of government fighters gathered nest to Iraqi flags
Various/ Traveling of road and government forces checkpoint

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ISIS Burn Down Shiite Turkmen Village...
By TTM Contributor 26
03 Dec 2014

December 3, 2014
Amirli, Salahuddin, Iraq

Cornas is a Shiite Turkmen village which ISIS took control over around one month ago. The residents say that ISIS burned and destroyed 80 houses in their village as well as a Shiite mosque. The Iraqi Army, with the help of fighters from the 'Saraya al-Salam' brigade retook the village.


Nour Edime Ali
Hajj Abbas
Hussein Khalil

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Iraqi Soldiers Take Security precauti...
By mushtaq mohammed
01 Jul 2014

Al Anbar, Saudi-Iraqi Border

Iraqi soldiers on the border with Saudi Arabia take security precautions because of strange behavior seen on the Saudi side of the border. They believe ISIS are preparing an attack.

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Iraqi Soldiers Abandon Syrian Border
By mushtaq mohammed
01 Jul 2014

Iraqi soldiers hiding near the Al-Ukhaider Fortress, 50km south of Karbala, having been ordered to retreat from the Syrian border. On the way to supply the border patrol with aid, Sayed Mohammad al-Talkani, the representative of Muqtada al-Sadr, and Iraqi Member of Parliament, Fatm al Kreiti, found 2,500 soldiers sheltering in the archaeological site. They lacked food and water; many of them suffered from starvation and some had become sick and died. When asked why they retreated they said that they received orders from the officers, with no reason given, to abandon their posts and were told to leave the border open for ISIL to enter and seize the abandoned weapons left there.