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Iraqi Soldiers Take Security precauti...
By mushtaq mohammed
01 Jul 2014

Al Anbar, Saudi-Iraqi Border

Iraqi soldiers on the border with Saudi Arabia take security precautions because of strange behavior seen on the Saudi side of the border. They believe ISIS are preparing an attack.

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Iraqi Soldiers Abandon Syrian Border
By mushtaq mohammed
01 Jul 2014

Iraqi soldiers hiding near the Al-Ukhaider Fortress, 50km south of Karbala, having been ordered to retreat from the Syrian border. On the way to supply the border patrol with aid, Sayed Mohammad al-Talkani, the representative of Muqtada al-Sadr, and Iraqi Member of Parliament, Fatm al Kreiti, found 2,500 soldiers sheltering in the archaeological site. They lacked food and water; many of them suffered from starvation and some had become sick and died. When asked why they retreated they said that they received orders from the officers, with no reason given, to abandon their posts and were told to leave the border open for ISIL to enter and seize the abandoned weapons left there.

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Iraqi Soldiers Hide in World Heritage...
By mushtaq mohammed
29 Jun 2014

June 29, 2014
Karbala, Iraq

On the way to supply aid to checkpoints around the city of Karbala, Sayed Mohammad al-Talkani, (the representative of Muqtada al-Sadr), and Iraqi Member of Parliament, Fatm al Kreiti, found 2,500 soldiers who had abandoned their posts on the borders with Syria and Saudi Arabia. They had been ordered to retreat from their positions and leave behind their weapons. As they crossed the desert, trying to get back to Karbala, they lacked food and water. Many suffered from starvation, some even became sick and died. Some of the soldiers were found near a checkpoint in the desert, to the east of Karbala, while others were hiding in the Al-Ukhaider Fortress, 50km south of Karbala.

Iraqi Army Officer 00:47-01:19
As you can see we are now on a field check-up tour of the troops here on the outskirts of the city of Karbala. Sayed Ali al-Talkani, from the office of Moktada al-Sadr, is escorting us on this tour. We carry aid for our brothers in the military troops, food and water.

Sayed al-Talkani 01:22-2:00
It is absolutely certain that the fatwa of Sayed al-Sistani, may God protect him, is the source of pride for the glory of the Hawza (the traditional Shia centre in Iraq where clerics are trained). It is a fatwa that represents the will to protect Iraq and we, as the Hawza, we only see how the Iraqi population is all for safety, security, and peace. The peoples’ spirit is very positive, more than ours actually, thank God.

Soldier 02.38-2.56
“Two soldiers died because of dehydration there, in Oseiba, and they brought their bodies here to Karbala, from the 9th brigade. These are our conditions as you see it and now we have to march for 1500km.”

“We were on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and everything was fine. We were fighting and willing to die, but then we received the order to withdraw and did not know why. Some soldiers refused to retreat but at the end it is a military order. They [ISIL] robbed the warehouses and burned the military vehicles in the streets and until now we do not know the whole story or why this happened.”

“Half of our soldiers died because of starvation. We retreated but they did not tell us where to head. When you retreat you need to have a destination but they did not give us one.”

Ali al-Talkani Speech 5:37-5:57
"You belong to this country only, to the ground of this country and to its sky, for Iraq, for your God and your country, here near al-Hussein, may God praise him."

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Iraqi Army Deploys on Saudi-Iraq Border
By mushtaq mohammed
23 Jun 2014

June 23, 2014 al-Faj, Iraq Iraqi Army forces deploy along the Iraqi-Saudi border in the al-Faj area, southwest of Baghdad. The army has been deployed to prevent the infiltration of ISIL and other militant forces.