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Iraqi Troops Use IED Against ISIS Sui...
By mushtaq mohammed
11 May 2015

Baiji, Iraq
May 11, 2015

Video shows Shiite Popular Mobilization militia and Iraqi government reinforcements being deployed in the Himrin Mountains near the oil refinery of Baiji to the north of Baghdad.
The footage also includes a large explosion resulting from a remotely detonated roadside bomb that targeted what is believed to be an ISIS suicide car bomb. Iraqi forces had planted this explosive device on their last defense line to thwart attacks by ISIS.
ISIS took over several positions from Iraqi forces in this area on May 9 before they were pushed back in a counter offensive.


Various of military helicopters and vehicles
Wide of Iraqi forces vehicles destroyed by ISIS
Wide of large explosion set off against ISIS suicide bomber
Various of Iraqi government and Shiite militia forces
Wide of killed ISIS fighter corpse

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unnamed Popular Mobilization Fighter

“We started the battle this morning.
We inflected many casualties in their ranks. There were Saudis and Qataris among them. God willing, we will win over them.

“[We are obeying the marja’iya [Ayatollah Sistani] and for us this jihad. This is sacred for us – to defend our homeland and wise marja’iya.”

“There were no losses in our ranks. Our losses were very small. Thanks be to God.”

Various of military Humvees
Wide of fighters receiving food
Wide of fighters resting

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Peshmerga and Turkoman Shiite Forces ...
By mushtaq mohammed
21 Apr 2015

April 21, 2015
Kirkuk, Iraq

Video shows Kurdish Peshmerga forces alongside Shiite Turkoman fighters from the Popular Mobilization umbrella group clashing with ISIS militants in the town of Tel Ahmed, around 20 km south of Kirkuk. Smoke is seen rising following airstrikes carried out by US-led forces against positions held by ISIS.


Medium of fighters inside a vehicle
Wide of explosion resulting from airstrike
Various of fighters trying to advance
Various of fighters taking cover behind a Humvee in a field
L-R pan of smoke and fighters
Wide of military commander firing a sniper rifle
Wide/ zoom out of smoke
Various of smoke rising from ISIS-controlled positions
Moving shot of fighters and military vehicles
Wide of smoke resulting from airstrikes
Various of fighters taking cover by Humvee
Wide of medics assisting injured fighter
Various of smoke resulting from airstrikes against ISIS-held positions

SOUNDBITE (Kurdish, Man), Serhad Qader, Peshmerga Head of Operations in Kirkuk
01:55 – 02:50

“According to the plan made by the Peshmerga forces, we have liberated a vast area in the outskirts of al-Bashir, al-Azizia and Tal Ahmad, as well as the former train station. Our forces were mobilized at 8 o’clock and we liberated a significant area.
ISIS had an important position here, but many of their fighters have been killed or injured. They fled to al-Bashir and they are now in the range of the Peshmerga fighters’ fire. We achieved victory and congratulate everybody for the liberation of al-Azizia and Atshana. We congratulate everyone for this victory.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man), Ali al-Hussaini, Spokesperson of Turkoman Shiite fighters, part of Popular Mobilization forces
02:51 – 03:13

“Now, after we encircled [ISIS fighters], I can say that this area, from a military point of view, has been liberated. We are not in a hurry because we are at the entrance. We shall enter victoriously and liberate this area from ISIS.”

The Kurdish and Turkoman troops are backed by the US-led coalition who targeted ISIS positions with several airstrikes.

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Iraqi Government Forces Clash with IS...
By mushtaq mohammed
16 Apr 2015

Ramadi, Iraq
April 16, 2015

Video shows Iraqi government forces searching vacant buildings in the outskirts of Ramadi as intermittent gunshots are heard in the background.

Iraqi Army forces, backed by Sunni tribal fighters, came into contact with ISIS militants near Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's largest province, Anbar.

ISIS militants launched a large offensive on Wednesday, April 15 and were able to seize the villages of Sjariyah, Albu-Ghanim and Soufiya, which had previously been under government control. Local residents fear that ISIS will be able to reach Ramadi. ISIS insurgents are now about 100Km away from Anbar’s Ain Al-Asad air base, where hundreds of US and coalition forces train Iraqi troops.

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Governor’s Palace in Tikrit Bears Sca...
By mushtaq mohammed
06 Apr 2015

Tikrit, Iraq
April 6, 2015

Video shows various shots of the vacant and embattled governor’s palace in northern Tikrit, which was recently retaken from ISIS by government forces. The flag of ISIS appears on its outer wall. The militant group is still in control of pockets of central Tikrit.


Wide of parking lot
Wide of wrecked building façade
Medium of ISIS painted on wall/ Zoom out of gate
Wide of Iraqi and Shiite militias flags above makeshift burial site
Wide of government fighters gathered nest to Iraqi flags
Various/ Traveling of road and government forces checkpoint

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Peshmerga Check Refugees Returning to...
By mushtaq mohammed
24 Mar 2015

March 23, 2015
Kirkuk, Iraq

Iraqis who are finally returning to their villages in Kirkuk are searched intensively by Peshmerga fighters who liberated the area from ISIS control. The residents of the villages of Daquq, al-Said, al-Wahda are asked to provide proof of identity and made to sign agreements that they will not allow anyone from outside of the village to enter or stay there.

:عقيد عبدالله ضابط في اللواء الثالث في البيشمركة‎

هذه القرى هي الآن تحت سلطة اقليم كردستان العراق وبمساعدة من العشائر تمكنا من طرد داعش، والآن بعد تحرير مناطقهم تم تبليغ العوائل للعودة اليها."

نحن الآن نفتش وندقق مواكب الناس الذين قرروا العودة الى بيوتهم ونتأكد من عدم وجود مندس او مخرب بين صفوفهم عن طريق مختار المنطقة وضباط الامن والمخابرات وقد تم توقيع العوائل على تعهد بعدم ايواء الغرباء في بيوتهم "وكذلك التبليغ عن الغرباء ان وجدوا.

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IS attack on Makhmour District South ...
By Jeffry Ruigendijk
21 Feb 2015

NOTE: No audio from 3:30 to 4:17

In the evening of Feb. 21st, IS launched their second attack in three days on the Makhmour District 35 miles south of Erbil. The Makhmour District is important to the IS because it is their lifeline to Kirkuk and Mosul. Around 21.00 PM an estimated 200 IS fighters entered the village of Tel Rim. After 3 hours of fighting and 8 airstrikes 63 IS fighters died and IS retreated.

This footage shows Makhmour commander Najat Ali Salih arriving in Tel Rim on the morning of 22 Feb. He surveys the village and boasts about knowing about the attack beforehand because of his IS spies. After seeing many dead IS fighters he leaves the town. On the road back one of the Humvees in his convoy hits an IED and three wounded Peshmerga are driven off.

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ISIS Convoy on Road Entering Mosul
Mosul, Iraq
By Iraqi Video Agency
02 Jul 2014

July 2, 2014

An ISIS convoy including captured Iraqi Army and Police vehicles on a highway entering the city of Mosul, Iraq