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Long Delays at Checkpoints for Refuge...
Karbala, Iraq
By mushtaq mohammed
20 Apr 2015

Some one hundred families have been stuck in the desert, waiting for hours at checkpoints manned by Iraqi government forces, as they attempt to flee their homes in Anbar and Salahuddine towards the predominantly Shiite province of Karbala.

ISIS militants launched an offensive on Ramadi, the capital of Anbar, in mid-April 2015, and were able to seize at least three villages.


Various of refugees in the outdoors

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Woman) Shamia Ibrahim, Refugee from Ramadi
00:47 – 01:42

“We were displaced from Ramadi by the indiscriminate bombing and airstrikes. We came to Karbala so that people would take care of us and help us. We have suffered. Q: Why did you come to Karbala?
A: We came looking for safety. We want to find a place where we can settle down with our children.
Q: Why are waiting in the desert?
A: We are waiting… we came to Karbala because we want them to consider our situation. We need you to help us. Helps and take our situation into consideration. You can see our situation.
Q: What do you think about the security measures? Are they good? Are they strict?
A: They are very good. They helped and let us in and treated us very well from the start. They have been good to us.
Q: What is your name?
A: Shamia Ibrahim.”

Close-up of registration plate from Baghdad
Various of refugees
Close-up of registration plate from Anbar
Medium of refugees eating
Various of security personnel searching vehicles

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Abu Fouad, Refugee from Ramadi
02:44 – 03:24

“You do not feel safe at home. Bombs are falling and there are militiamen. A gas canister costs 40,000 dinars. A liter of gasoline costs 2,000 dinars. A kilogram of tomatoes costs 3,000 dinars. There is no work. We stayed on the road for two days. We were held at each checkpoint for four to five hours. Guards repeat the same procedures at each checkpoint, even though the distance is only 30 km. The procedures are very tough. We have been on the road since the morning and we have not reached Karbala.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Woman), Um Mohamad, A refugee from Tikrit
03:31 – 04:26

“Q: Where do you come from? A: I have come from Tikrit.
Q: From Tikrit?
A: Yes from Tikrit.
Q: Why did you come to Karbala?
A: We have been displaced. Our homes were bombed. We do not have any houses left. When can we go?
Q: Honestly, what do you think about the way you have been received in Karbala?
A: Thanks be to God, it is good.
Q: Why do you mean by ‘good’? Were you allowed in?
A: The checkpoint let us through, but they are searching us.
A: Let them search. We do not have anything [to hide].
Q: At the end, will they let you in?
A: I do not know. But why would they not let us? We do not carrying anything [threatening].
Q: Who did you exactly run away from? ISIS? The Iraqi army? The Popular Mobilization?
A: I do not know. Everyone fled and we fled with them.
Q: Why did they flee?
A: I do not know. People were scared.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Amjad Ali Talab, Refugee from Anbar
04:27 – 05:56

“From Anbar. We came to flee the suffering due to the bombing by mortars and artillery. We came by car. The checkpoints searched and helped us. They conducted their duties properly and did everything they should. We came to Karbala looking for safety and a place to settle in.”

Close-up of food leftovers
Various of refugees

Frame 0004
Intense Combat Footage from Inside th...
By mushtaq mohammed
16 Apr 2015

Tikrit, Iraq
April 1, 2014

Inside footage, recorded with a camera attached to a cameraman’s body, offers an intimate look at a battle between Iraqi forces and ISIS over control of the city of Tikrit. Dozens of fighters from the Federal Police Special Forces, the Iraqi Army and Shiite militias advance through an open field to the sounds of heavy gunshots and flying warplanes.

Combatants, shouting war cries in praise of Muslim Shiite saints, quickly run through marshes and between low hills before reaching heavily war damaged buildings. The fighters stop when some of them suspect a booby-trapped wire before eventually recommencing their advance.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that his forces had recaptured the strategic city of Tikrit on Tuesday March 30, 2015. The official Iraqiya television station published a headline quoting the PM's words: “Tikrit has fallen to us. However, local sources in Tikrit say that ISIS still controls many parts of the city and that heavy fighting is still going on.

NAT Sound
(Arabic) 01:21 – 01:36

“There is a wire in front of me. It is a wire that triggers an explosive device. Bashir! Be careful! There is an explosive device. Do not move.”

Frame 0004
Funeral Procession for Commander of N...
By Ahmad Mousa
14 Apr 2015

April 14, 2015
Baghdad, Iraq

A large funeral procession took place in Baghdad for Zaid Jasim, a commander of the Nujaba Movement Shiite militia, who was killed in clashes with ISIS in Tikrit.

Video shows Zaid Jasim's coffin being carried on the back of a car at the front of the procession and crowds of mourners and many vehicles stopping the traffic on a busy road, playing military-style music and flying yellow Nujaba Movement flags.

The Nubaja Movement is one of the Shiite militias who make up al-Hashid al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization) and are fighting against ISIS in the western and northern Iraqi provinces.

Frame 0004
Mass Grave Found at Base in Tikrit Re...
By Waleed Alaa
06 Apr 2015

Tikrit, Iraq
April 6, 2015


Dozens of bodies were discovered in a mass burial site at the Speicher military base in the north of Tikrit, a city that Iraqi government forces and Shiite militias have recently retaken from ISIS. This site is close to the Presidential Palace compound which was built by late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Video shows government personnel digging up the remains of dead bodies, as well as a chemical contamination prevention team surveying the site. The ISIS flag appears above the entrance of one the buildings in the compound.

Around 1700 Iraqi soldiers are believed to have been executed by ISIS militants when they took over Speicher airbase in June 2014.

Tikrit is the hometown of late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and is considered a Sunni political stronghold.


Wide of excavation vehicle moving
Various of sign “Irq-SD-Tik-Qr-001. (Arabic inscription:) Date of Work Initiation 5/4/2015. Burial Site: Tikrit, Presidential Palace Compound.”
Wide of excavation vehicle digging the ground
Close-up of body being dug up
Close-up of field worker testing exhumed body for chemical contamination
Medium of a body bag
Moving shot of excavation vehicle and workers digging
Medium of worker folding body bag
Various of fighters watching excavation process
Close-up/ moving shot of field worker testing exhumed body for chemical contamination
Close-up of skull
Close-up/ zoom out of skeleton
Wide of field workers and military officers on site
Moving shot of workers handling skeleton

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Ghanem Abdel Karim Ghanem, Director General of Humanitarian Affairs Unit in Human Rights Ministry
02:45 – 03:31

“After information reached the operations team at the cabinet’s secretary general bureau, under whose command we operate the Ministry of Human Rights and Forensic Medicine department at the Ministry of Health, as well as the Chemical Defense Department, we headed to the notorious Presidential Palace compound. We were then notified that a mass burial site contained the remains of the martyrs killed in Speicher air force base. The team arrived at the site today and we are making preliminary preparations to dig up the mass graves. The remains of martyrs who were executed will be handed to the Forensic Medicine department in order to be identified and handed over to their families.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Khalaf Moussa, a Major in the Iraqi Army
03:32 – 03:45

“In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful, we have a complete team from the Chemical Defense Battalion. This team, which is very well trained and specialized in dealing with chemical substances, is surveying the site in order to guarantee the workers’ safety on this site.”

Various of workers wearing protection team
Close-up of the chemical contamination prevention team sign
Various of ISIS flag painted above the entrance of one Saddam Hussein’s palaces. Inscription in Arabic reads “There is no God but Allah. The Islamic Caliphate.”

Wide of man mourning

Frame 0004
Governor’s Palace in Tikrit Bears Sca...
By mushtaq mohammed
06 Apr 2015

Tikrit, Iraq
April 6, 2015

Video shows various shots of the vacant and embattled governor’s palace in northern Tikrit, which was recently retaken from ISIS by government forces. The flag of ISIS appears on its outer wall. The militant group is still in control of pockets of central Tikrit.


Wide of parking lot
Wide of wrecked building façade
Medium of ISIS painted on wall/ Zoom out of gate
Wide of Iraqi and Shiite militias flags above makeshift burial site
Wide of government fighters gathered nest to Iraqi flags
Various/ Traveling of road and government forces checkpoint

Frame 0004
Government Forces Raise Iraqi Flag Ov...
By mushtaq mohammed
01 Apr 2015

March 31, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Video shows soldiers from the Iraqi Army with remaining Shiite militias clash with ISIS as they advance into Tikrit, raise Iraqi flag over former ISIS strongholds. Many Shiite militias had refused to participate in the assault after the intervention of the US in the campaign.

The first shot is of burning building with an ISIS flag amidst the smoke. Later we see troops raising the Iraqi flag over a previous ISIS fortification. One can also make out a drone and an Iraqi officer giving coordinates on a walkie-talkie.

Iraq’s leader, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced that his forces had recaptured the strategic city of Tikrit on Tuesday March 30, 2015. The official Iraqiya television station published a headline quoting the PM's words: “Tikrit has fallen to us.”

Nonetheless, local sources in Tikrit say that ISIS still controls many parts of the city and that heavy fighting is still going on.

Frame 0004
Iraqi Forces Sweep ISIS-Controlled A...
By mushtaq mohammed
31 Mar 2015

Iraqi government forces backed by the Ali al-Akbar Brigade Shiite militia that forms part of the umbrella militia group called the Popular Mobilization (al-Hashid al-Shaabi) clash with ISIS militants less than 2km from the heart of Tikrit.

Media reports quoted Iraqi army and Shiite militia commanders as saying their forces have retaken the Salahuddine province governor's headquarters in central Tikrit from ISIS.


Wide of officers reading a map
Wide of fighters advancing through large in a wall
Various of fighters setting up and firing a mortar
Wide of fighters firing machinegun mounted on armored vehicle
Wide of tank moving
Various of armored vehicles
Various of fighters shooting at remote buildings
Various of fighters running across open field
Wide of fighters and Iraqi flag on top of a building
Various of fighters running across open field
Various of fighters and armored vehicles
Wide of tank advancing
Wide of buildings being targeted with gunshots
Wide of smoke rising from explosion
Wide of fighter praying next to armored vehicle
Wide of fighters inside a moving armored vehicle
Various of fighters on top of a building shooting
Wide of fighter firing rocket-propelled grenade
Wide of a paramedic taking a fighter’s blood pressure

Frame 0004
US-Led Coalition Airstrikes Target Ti...
By mushtaq mohammed
26 Mar 2015

Video shows smoke from US-led coalition airstrikes on Tikrit.
It also includes a shot of an Iraqi helicopter and a shot of a destroyed ISIS convoy in the Albou Ajeel area, 30Km east of Tikrit.

The military operation to drive ISIS fighters of Tikrit, the hometown of late Iraqi President and a Sunni stronghold, was resumed today after a halt of two weeks.

Frame 0004
Leftovers of ISIS: Inside a Liberated...
By mushtaq mohammed
15 Mar 2015

March 15, 2014
Tikrit, Iraq

Shiite militia officer, Abu Ismail, gives a tour of al-Alam, a suburb of Tikrit which until recently had been under the control of ISIS. Ismail shows ISIS graffiti on homes, a handmade explosive device hidden in an electronic tablet and detonators, as well as pro-ISIS leaflets giving instructions on the best way to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s caliphate.

In coordination with Shiite militias, the Iraqi Army was able to drive ISIS out of the area of al-Alam as part of their offensive to retake Tikrit.

Shot list/ transcription:

Medium of fighter spraying “Ali al-Akbar Brigade” on wall

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, man) Abu Ismail, Popular Mobilization officer
01:18 – 03:50

“This house, which we will raid, belongs to an officer in the Salahuddin Police. ISIS members took it by force. They closed it and left it behind. We begin with this writing [Reads in Arabic: “The State”] which ISIS fighters wrote. Please come with me so that I would show you the other writings.
[Lettering in Arabic reads: “Estates of the Islamic State”] ISIS members wrote this slogan on all the houses that they have taken over. They consider themselves to be the rightful owners of any house whose original owner supported the [Iraqi] government, is a Shiite, or does not follow their teachings. They confiscate the properties, cattle, land, women and anything that belongs to such a person. ‘The State of Islam shall remain.’ This is proof that they were present in this house. Now, God willing, we will open the house and see what is inside. These are detonators. This is a mobile tablet, commonly used but people for communication or guidance. This is the [explosive] dough. They have booby-trapped it. As soon as a call is made to this tablet, while the battery is in place, it will explode. These are the detonators, used to set off explosive devices. This house is in al-Dour housing complex. May the owner rest in peace. What is his name?
What is his name, Abu Hussein?
Regarding this issue…
Interviewer: Will this explode?
The battery is in place, however, the device should be charged to enable them to contact this device from another one. As soon a call is established between another device and this one, a detonation will be triggered. This little piece of dough, as we understood from explosives experts, can kill from four to ten people – this little piece of dough. If it was compressed, the explosion would be stronger.”

03:59 – 04:21
As soon as we entered the house – we still have not gone in deeply yet – we found military equipment and outfits [that were] used by ISIS members. They confiscated these outfits from police and army headquarters.

04:22 – 05:57
Close-up of ISIS pamphlet in Arabic, reads: “Extend your hands to pledge allegiance to Baghdadi.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, man) Abu Ismail, Popular Mobilization officer

04:27 –
These fliers were given out to people in various regions. This is about people pledging allegiance the damned Baghdadi. “Extend your hands to pledge allegiance to Baghdadi.” There is a drawing of hands, one belonging to Baghdadi and the other to the person pledging allegiance.
It was published by the hypocrite – a so-called muhajhid, but he is neither a sheikh nor a mujahid – Turki al-Ben Ali, Abi Sufian al-Salami.
Even the printing house –if the camera can show this clearly… this was published in the “Islamic State’s Printing Establishment.” Also, here is written “Al-Himma Bookstore.” These are the [visible] titles.
Here are written the conditions that the person pledging allegiance should follow. They start with specific points or titles that have nothing to do with Islam. They are far from any Islamic value.
We shall continue to search.
This flag… they have used as slogan these sacred words in every house, alley, village, region, or government office. They have nothing to do with this slogan.”

Frame 0004
Clashes on Tikrit Frontline
Al-Alam, Tikrit
By mushtaq mohammed
15 Mar 2015

March 15, 2015
Al-Alam,Tikrit Reqion, Iraq

Footage from the frontline at al-Alam, near Tirkit, where Shiite fighters from the Ali al-Akbar brigade, part of the Popular Mobilization umbrella group, engage in a battle with ISIS, merely 300m away.

This video was shot by a fighter from the group using a GoPro camera attached to his body.

Frame 0004
Shiite Iraqi Fighters Claim to Captur...
By Stevennabil
13 Mar 2015

Tikrit, Iraq
March 13, 2015

This video shows Shiite militia fighters in Buajil near Tikrit. A fighter states that al-Ghadab Battalions, part of the military wing of the Daawa party, the Islamic Resistance, have retaken and completely “cleansed” Buajil.
The fighter also claims that the filmed site is where ISIS fighters executed Iraqi soldiers who were brought from Speicher military base. A large number of wrecked buildings and burned vehicles also appear in the video.


00:08 – 00:44
“This is the Buajil area; you can see [fighters from] the Islamic Resistance the military wing of the Daawa party – al-Ghadab Battalions – inside Buajil. The area has been completely cleansed. You can see ISIS vehicles completely wrecked. After painstaking work, al-Ghadab Battalions from the Islamic Resistance managed to bomb this area with mortar shells and completely destroy houses and cars. Watch the homes of ISIS members completely destroyed. There is nothing left for them.”


01:42 – 02:07
“They brought the martyrs from Speicher base to this specific site. They were executed in this house in front me. This area is now empty of residents and ISIS rats.”


Frame 0004
Iraqi Troops Seize ISIS Media Center ...
By mushtaq mohammed
12 Mar 2015

March 11, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Backed by Shiite volunteers, Iraqi Army soldiers enter the town of al-Dour, an ISIS stronghold 20km south of central Tikrit, and the same place Saddam Hussein was found hiding in a hole.

The video shows the soldiers driving through the town in tanks and armored vehicles. It also shows an ISIS "Media Access Point" or media outlet where they used to distribute Islamist books, prints and CDs. Inside the shop, soldiers found leftover books and CDs as well as numerous explosives left by the jihadists.

There is also shots of buildings with ISIS graffiti sprayed on the walls and reading "Property of the Caliphate".

Frame 0004
Iraqi Army and Shiite Militia Advance...
By mushtaq mohammed
10 Mar 2015

March 9, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Iraqi Army soldiers and Shiite fighters that pledge allegiance to Ali al-Akbar, a Shiite militia fighting under the umbrella of The Iraqi Popular Army (Hashid Shaabi), advance on al-Dour, a village in southern Tikrit.

Video shows them at very close range using tanks, heavy artillery and automatic weapons to fire upon ISIS positions as they move north towards central Tikrit. In the latter half of the video, various militiamen describe their morale as optimal; their motivations as just; and their ability to wipe out ISIS in the name of Hussein, the Prophet and the latter’s family as very strong.

Frame 0004
Shiite Militias Advance on ISIS Outsi...
By mushtaq mohammed
08 Mar 2015

March 8, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Footage from a camera mounted on the helmet of a fighter from the Ali-al-Akbar Shiite militia (part of the larger al-Hashd al-Shaabi umbrella of Shiite militias) shows fighters running through trenches and dirt roads on the outskirts of Al-Awja, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, in southern Tikrit. ISIS fighters were forced to retreat following the clashes.

The Iraqi Army, in coordination with al-Hashd al-Shaabi militias, launched an offensive to retake the city of Tikrit, which became an ISIS stronghold in June of 2014. Around 30,000 troops have been deployed and have been retaking villages from the jihadists en route to Tikrit over the last month.

Frame 0004
Badr Corps and Iraqi Army Shell ISIS ...
By mushtaq mohammed
05 Mar 2015

March 5, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

In conjunction with Iraqi Army soldiers, Shiite fighters from the Badr Corps advance towards the al-Alam area of northern Tikrit, supported by helicopter. The video shows the soldiers firing on a vehicle in the distance, which they claim is laden with explosives, until it blows up. It also shows the fighters driving through the liberated villages in convoys before reaching the frontline of the battle, where begin firing on ISIS positions with automatic weapons and RPGs. The troops claim to have liberated around 30 villages in the Salahuddin province en route to al-Alam.

In an interview with a Badr militia commander, the latter identified the vehicle laden with explosives but blown up in the video as having been sent by ISIS to thwart their advance. He also claims that, thanks to the help of the Prophet and Ali (the son-in-law of Mohammed and revered by Shiites), they suffered zero casualties or injuries.


Abu Hassan, Field Commander
(Man, Arabic) (06:42-07:04)

Over 30 villages were liberated but the most important liberated villages were al-Boueitha, al-Boutalha, al-Bouchenif and the area of Hemreen and its surrounding villages. We are heading now to the frontline of Sheikh Mohamad. All the units will meet here and head to Tikrit from the al-Alam road.

(07:05-07:39) Abbas, Fighter
(Man, Arabic)

We are now in Salah al-din near al-Alam and will reach al-Alam either this afternoon or at worst very early tomorrow morning.

We have enough people. We faced a bunch of them in cars this morning and beat them.

They sent us a vehicle planted with explosives, but we were able to destroy it with cannons before it reached us. They were not able to kill or injure any of our men. Prophet Mohamad and Ali are on our side.

Frame 0004
Shiite Badr Militia Attacks ISIS Posi...
By mushtaq mohammed
04 Mar 2015

March 4, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Fighters belonging to the militia of the Shiite Badr Organization clash with ISIS militants in the village of Ad-Dawr, Iraq south of Tikrit. Militia leaders say ISIS was forced to retreat, giving Badr fighters control of the village. During the battle Mustafa al-Amiri, son of the Badr militia commander Hadi al-Amiri was injured.


(00:24) Fighters chanting: "Labayk ya Hussein [We are answering the call of Hussein]." "Labayki ya Zahraa [We are answering the call of Zahraa]."

(04:07) Fighter 1: "We are at the front line with the enemy, it is a tactical attack for the military forces who started to move forward, Victory is ours."

(05:37) Fighter 2: "We will not withdraw, until the last minute, only death can take us back to our families before retrieving Najaf. There is noway we are going back, and we want to avenge our martyrs in Spiker."

(07:05) Fighter 3: "We ask God to help us achieve our goal, for the sake of al-Hussein, the martyr in Kerbala. We ask God to help us achieve victory against our enemies, for the sake of al-Huseein, al-Zahraa, Abi Abdullah al-Hussein, and Ahl al-Bayt [the people of the House]."

(08:32) Fighter 4: "Those are the people who killed the martyrs in Spiker. We will avenge them, until we reach Mosul."

Frame 0004
Trenches Protect Iraqi Town from ISIS...
Amerli, Iraq
By TTM Contributor 26
30 Nov 2014

November 30, 2014
Amerli, Iraq

To protect themselves from ISIS attacks, members of the Iraqi army and other militias dug trenches around the town of Amerli, 120km east of Tikrit. The narrow trenches are designed to stop enemy vehicles from driving into the territory around Amerli. The town is located 100km from the Iranian border and populated largely by Shia Turkmen. It was besieged by ISIS starting in June 2014 and was running out of food, water and supplies before it was liberated in September with the help of the Kurdish Peshmerga and coalition air strikes. Iran reportedly played a "military planning" role in breaking the siege.


Soldier 1, (man, Arabic):
(01:43-02:09) "As you can see we dug a trench to protect and defend ourselves from any possible attack by the enemy. These trenches will make it less easy for the enemy to cross into our territories. We thank the fighters and the mujahideen for protecting our front lines all day and night."

Soldier 2, (man, Arabic):
(02:10-02:59) "We built these defenses so we stop the invasion of terrorism from the other side. We dug these trenches on all sides of the city, and we have fighters deployed everywhere. These defenses are mainly used to stop vehicle invasions. If these trenches had been dug before, their tanks and vehicles would never have crossed in the first place."

Frame 0004
Iraqi Fighters Burn ISIS Vehicles
Amerli, Iraq
By TTM Contributor 26
29 Nov 2014

November 29, 2014
Amerli, Iraq

The Iraqi army, with the help of the local militias and the Peshmerga, captured a number of military vehicles used by ISIS and burned them. Fighters are seen celebrating on the burned out shells of the cars which they captured after fighting with ISIS insurgents. The town of Amerli is located 120km east of Tikrit and 100km west from the Iranian border and populated largely by Shia Turkmen. It was besieged by ISIS starting in June 2014 and was running out of food, water and supplies before it was liberated in September with the help of the Kurdish Peshmerga and coalition air strikes. Iran reportedly played a "military planning" role in breaking the siege.


Man 1, (man, Arabic):
(00:55-01:30): "We burned their vehicles after they attacked us. The fighter's fate is not only to be burnt, but to be buried like rats. These are not the only vehicles we burned; there are some tanks and some Hummers as well."

Mohammed Ahmed Fares, civilian from Amerli, (man, Arabic):
(01:31-02:15): "These burnt cars are located on the borders of Amerli where heavy attacks led by ISIS erupted. This is the fate of those ISIS men who try to threaten the country's security and its population. We are ready to continue our jihad and our loyalty in order to kick out these terrorists, who try to mess with our stability and security."

Thumb sm
Saraya al-Kharasani Militia and Iraqi...
By TTM Contributor 26
27 Oct 2014

October 25, 2014 Tikrit, Iraq After heavy clashes with ISIS, Shia fighters of the Saraya al-Kharasani militia, alongside Iraqi Army soldiers, regained control over the village of Bir Ahmed, east of Tikrit. The militia fighters found a buried body of an unidentified man near a disused ISIS checkpoint.

Frame 0004
Iraqi Army Prepares Assault on Tikrit
Iraq , Tikrit
By mushtaq mohammed
27 Aug 2014

August 27, 2014
Tikrit, Iraq

The Iraqi Army, comprised mainly of Shia soldiers, construct defensive walls with bulldozers 50km south of Tikrit, as they prepare for an assault on Tikrit. Their armored vehicles patrol the old American Army base camp ‘Speicher’, and the area between the Quadisiya and Al-Zouhour districts, near the provincial council and Tikrit hospital.

Frame 0004
Heavy Clashes between Abu al Fadl al-...
By mushtaq mohammed
23 Aug 2014

August 23, 2014
Tikrit, Iraq

Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas brigade fighting ISIS in the town of Oja in Tikrit, north of Baghdad. The video shows heavy clashes between the two armed groups and the leader of al-Abbas brigade, Abu Ali al Darraji, congratulating the wounded and joining in the gun fight. The brigade is comprised of Iraqi Shia soldiers and has ties with Iran. Extremist fighters from the "Islamic State" seized control over Tikrit in mid June, 2014.


Fighter: "We are the Abu Fadel Al Abbas brigade, servants of Sayida Zaynab (sister of Hussein ibn Ali), and our commander Abu Ali al Darraji. We joined in the fight, we killed them and now we're going to pick up the corpses from there."

Contributor: What is the number of the dead?

Fighter: "Among them, four are dead and three are wounded. We will bring them here to film them. We are victorious, under the command of Abu Ali al Darraji, ready to serve Sayida Zaynab."

Frame 0004
Iraqi Army Clash With ISIS in Tikrit
Tikrit, Iraq
By mushtaq mohammed
19 Aug 2014

August 19, 2014
Tikrit, Iraq

Iraqi Army soldiers clash with ISIS militants in the Oja neighborhood of Tikrit, north of Baghdad.
Fighting with the help of the Shiite Abu al-Fadel al-Abbas brigade, the Iraqi Army launched an assault against ISIS to retake Tikrit, the largest city of Salahuddine province.
Extremist fighters of the "Islamic State" seized control over Tikrit in mid June, 2014.
The assault was repelled by strong ISIS defenses, leading Iraqi Army forces and the Abu al-Fadel al-Abbas brigade to retreat.

Frame 0004
Shiite Militia Fights Alongside Iraqi...
By mushtaq mohammed
19 Aug 2014

August 19, 2014
Tikrit, Iraq

Militants of the Shiite Abu al-Fadel al-Abbas Brigade, fight alongside the Iraqi army in the Oja town of Tikrit, north of Baghdad.
The Army forces launched an assault against ISIS to retake Tikrit, the largest city of Salahuddine province.
Extremist fighters of the "Islamic State" seized control over Tikrit in mid June, 2014.
The attack has soon stopped, after the strong defense of ISIS militants forced the Army forces and Abu al-Fadel al-Abbas fighters to retreat.

Militia Fighter:
"here are the brigade of Abu al-Fadel al-Abbas taking over al-Oja area, following the orders of the commander, and here is the commander daring the danger and entering al-Oja area."

Thumb sm
ISIL Overruns Iraqi Cities 02
Tikrit, Iraq
By Montadhar Naser
11 Jun 2014

Tikrit, Iraq. Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in pickup trucks on a street in Tikrit, on June 11, 2014.

Thumb sm
ISIL Overruns Iraqi Cities
By Montadhar Naser
11 Jun 2014

Militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have overrun the Iraqi city of Tikrit and moved closer to the Baji oil refinery, the biggest refinery in the country, as they make gains in their rapid military advance against the Shi'ite-led Iraqi government.

The ISIL seized the city of Mosul on June 10 in their push to create a Sunni Caliphate straddling the border between Iraq and Syria.