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The Greek return to the land 05
By Emmanuel Haddad
09 Jun 2014

Penelope is able to recognize a handle of 'hypericum' in the middle of the bush of Pelion, to name any plant and flower of the forest in latin and to prepare a cream with it, that will enhance its homeopathic virtues. Still, this radiant 40-years-old Greek lived in Athens most of her life. Five years ago, she decided to replace her urban life for a more natural one. After the death of her father, she sold his flat and bought a piece of land in the middle of the forest of Pelion. To reach the first village, Neochori, she needs to drive for 15 minutes on a stony road, with an old and undeclared Citroën. For her, Pelion is the place "where dreams come true."

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Syrians Use Trash As Source of Altern...
By Transterra Editor
09 Apr 2014

Farmers in rebel-controlled Douma, northeast of Damascus, are finding creative ways to run their irrigation machines in lieu of a steady supply of gas. They, along with other locals, are now using trash and animal remains to extract methane gas from waste as a source of alternative energy.

This video shows the specific process of making this gas, from filling a hole in the ground with the waste, adding water, and covering it after with plastic bags. They then wait for the methane gas to be produced. Using tubes, they transport the gas into tanks and reservoirs.


Adnan Mbayyed - Agriculture Engineer
Currently, we found an alternative solution for producing energy by using gas holes in specific measurements, which depend on what we want to use it for. The hole is approximately 3-4 meters wide, and 75 cm. deep. Cow feces and some plants and grass are put in the hole and tightly covered with plastic. We water this combination, and due to the reaction of the material inside the plastic cover, methane gas is produced. This gas gets filtered and sent either directly to the generator, or to the ovens to be used for cooking.

Abo Aboud - Farmer
After I saw how expensive gas has become, and I needed to use my generator for watering my plants and animals, the local committee told me about this alternative and they taught me how to do this hole to produce gas. Because of this hole, now I am watering my land, and my animals have water to drink, and I also have gas to be used at home as well.

Abo Aboud - Farmer
This hole is in its final stages. Everyday, the gas it produces helps us get our generators working so we can extract water from the ground.