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Iraqi-Shia Fighters Celebrate Complet...
By mushtaq mohammed
27 Jun 2014

Armed Shia fighters from the al-Akida brigade celebrate their graduation after seven days of combat training under guidance of Iranian military advisors. Sheikh Maytham al-Karbalaei, a leader in the brigade stated, “This regiment was trained in the most modern tactics of urban warfare, and how to respond to any sudden attack against the Shiite holy sites.”

The brigade of 2,500 fighters is independent and does not answer to any governmental authority. It is responsible for the protection of al-Ataba al-Abasey shrine and receives its orders from Iraqi-Shia spiritual leader Sheikh Ali al-Sayed al-Sistani.

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Mahdi Army Marches in Karbala
By mushtaq mohammed
22 Jun 2014

June 21, 2014.
Karbala, Iraq

The Iraqi-Shia Mahdi Army marches in the holy city of Karbala. Video includes interviews with a Mahdi Army volunteer and a Mahdi Army leader who is head of the Karbala security committee.


Sayed Jassem al-Husseini, Citizen of Karbala:
"I wore this military uniform to defend my country, to die in the name of God, and to stop the barbarous attack coming from outside of the country. We follow the orders of the spiritual leader (Sistani) and the government. We will defend our country and we are going to Mosul."

Sayed Sadiq al-Musawi, Citizen of Karbala:
“These crowds have come here as an answer to the call of the higher spiritual leader and the grace of Ayatuallah sheikh Ali al-Sistani, may God protect him. We are going to fight ISIL, and to fight the murderous criminals, the Baathists, who are destroying the country. We are going today to the al-Ramadi area, where we will be the watching eye. Yes there is no difference between the central government and us. The central government follows the orders of spiritual leader, and we are also following the orders of the spiritual leader, because the fatwa is clear, the jihad, so we have to march and fight ISIL. There is no difference between us and the central government, we follow the orders of the central government and the spiritual leader. Yes we will win, we will win, we will win, according to God himself, he says “en Tansero Allah, Yansorakom”, meaning, “If you achieve the triumph for the word of God, he will help achieve triumph”. We fight for the word of God, for the prophet, for the maltreated Imams”.

Habib Hussein:
“To fulfill our national duty, and to apply the fatwa of Sayed al-Sistani, may God protect him, we came here to volunteer in the civil defense troop. [We came] to beat this vicious attack from the Wahhabi ISIL. We came with all of these volunteers to defend Iraq and the holy sites of Iraq. We will win because we have a cause that we are fighting for and it is a rightful cause”.

“We are now in one of the squares to train volunteers. This training is organized and there are many trainers who have experience in Jihad. The number of volunteers in Holy Karbala have exceeded 40,000 volunteers and is increasing. There are crowds in front of the recruiting centers day and night. I expect these numbers to increase and I believe the municipality has taken measurements in order to organize the huge numbers of volunteers, and to train and categorize them. The municipality committee has assigned 25 billion Iraqi Dinars ($21.4 Million) yesterday and put it under the command of the governor in order to take action to benefit from the huge number of volunteers.

The 40,000 volunteers are now under the command of the general management of the armed forces and they reached training spots outside of Karbala. Concerning volunteers inside Karbala, duties will be determined especially for them, so they can be ready under any circumstances. There are borders with Fallujah, Anbar, and Northern Babel, but our military and security forces are ready and we have trained volunteer groups ready to back up the military forces. We wish for the areas of Mosul and Salah al-Din to fall out of siege and we wish for all the country to be safe. I saw the courage and enthusiasm in the Iraqi people, they all stated that they did not come here for anything material; they only came here to defend the country and the holy sites”.

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Iraqi Farmers Take Up Arms to Fight ISIL
By TTM Contributor 16
18 Jun 2014

June 19, 2014
Baghdad, Iraq

Iraqi-farmers from the area around Baghdad gather in the city to form fighting brigades that will fight ISIL. Under the administration of the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, the farmers are answering the call of Ayatollah Sayed Ali al-Sistani, the spiritual leader of the Iraqi-Shia, to take up arms against ISIL. The Ministry of Agriculture is helping organize farmers across the country form their own fighting brigades.