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Week Of Resistance In Bahrain (9 of 14)
Abu Saiba, Bahrain
By AlFardan
07 May 2013

Abu Saiba, Bahrain, 7-5-2013. Demonstrations continue during a week of resistance. Protesters demonstrate near the main street and stay for long periods of time, peacefully confronting the riot police patrols. Riot police attacked the protesters heavly and protesters used molotov cocktails to deter them and deny police entry into to the village.

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March in Duraz, Bahrain
Duraz, Bahrain
By Media Made by Bahraini People
04 Aug 2012

Demonstrators march in Duraz, Bahrain in protest of the harsh treatment of detainees.

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March in Buri, Bahrain
Buri, Bahrain
By Media Made by Bahraini People
30 Jul 2012

Suppression of Bahraini protesters continues concurrent with a media blackout from news networks in different parts of the world and region. Security forces suppressed peaceful marches that took place in many parts of Bahrain, causing injuries to protestors who received treatment at home to avoid the checkpoints leading to the only hospital in the country, Salomaneya hospital.

Political consultant for Secretary General of Al Wefaq says that the ministry of interior affairs is a failure since he cannot ensure his employees abide by the law; though the ministry is purportedly committed to human rights and freedom despite systematic violations.

Marches took place during dialogue between the opposition and the regime through the "Darkness Gangs" campaign that was launched by opposition leaders in order to expose the raids on homes by security forces and other human rights violations. Meanwhile, the king stressed the necessity of respecting the constitution, refraining from using force or discrimination.

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Mr. Hadi Al Musawi Speaking at Al Wef...
Manama, Bahrain
By Media Made by Bahraini People
18 Jul 2012

Manama, Bahrain | 18 July 2012

The Al Wefaq National Islamic Society held a press conference at the National Assembly headquarters on July 18, 2012 in the capital Manama. The head of Freedoms and Human Rights committee, Mr. Hadi Al Musawi, discussed the implementation and recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, known locally as Bassiouni. He also addressed the arrest of activist Mohamed Zayani, the growing use of Twitter as a tool of expression and targeting arrests toward activists using social media platforms.

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Anti-Government protest in Bahrain
Diraz, Bahrain
By Media Made by Bahraini People
28 Jun 2012

Diraz, Bahrain | June 29, 2012

Bahraini protesters demonstrating against the ruling Al Khalifa regime in the northwestern village of Diraz.