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santa clara, cuba
By Conteur d'images
03 Oct 2014

Certain artists, such as Juan and Lorenzo of the dancing quartet “The Dream Boys”, portray feminine characters without having started hormonal treatments. They consider themselves to be primarily “transformists”, though some of them will one day become transsexuals.

Juan et Lorenzo, membres du quatuor de danseurs homosexuels The Dream Boys, sont considérés comme des transformistes, étant donné qu’ils interprètent des rôles féminins. Originaires de La Havane, ils se rendent tous les hivers à Santa Clara pour donner des représentations. Contrairement aux artistes transsexuels, ils ne souhaitent pas changer de sexe et n’arborent pas de vêtements féminins en dehors de la scène.

Ciertos artistas, como Juan y Lorenzo del cuarteto de bailarines gays “The Dream Boys”, interpretan personajes femeninos pero todavía no toman tratamiento hormonal. Se consideran ante todo como transformistas, antes de convertirse, para ciertos, en transexuales.

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Sébastien & Nicky La Bonbonnière
Lille, France
By Simon Letellier
15 Jul 2013

Sebastien is 27 years old and lives in Lille, France. "At the beginning I was afraid about being trapped by my character and not being to escape from her. Hopefully it didn't happen."

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By Simon Letellier
12 Jul 2013

ME & ME is a series of portraits of drag shows. Started in July 2013, this project still in progress, has led me to Mons, Liège, Lille and Paris. The goal was to meet transformists to understand their process of "transformation." They are amateurs, professionals, young or old, whether for work or just a passion, these men helped me understand photographically and in interviews the pleasure they have becoming a woman for an evening, a show or a simple shot. The interviews helped to expose the often painful stories with happy issues, but also sarcasm, ridicule, insults and disturbed others look. They also highlighted the insurance, assumption and the desire to be what they are. This temporary transformation goes beyond simple disguise. This goes much further. They do not take on a role, they just become another person they want to live for a while.