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Modern Living in Ancient Buildings
Uçkuyu, Turkey
By Amy Hume
09 Apr 2013

Some families have made a home at the ancient site of 1001 Churches, where archaeologists found 1000 churches, but failed to find the 1001st.

The Yörük, nomads of Anatolia and the Balkans, rely on animals as their livelihood. Due to the introduction of modern technology, education and government subsidies, some of the shepherds have become sedentary. For those that still migrate in the traditional way, they live in the lowlands during the winter and the mountains in the summer. For the modern families, they live in the villages or cities in the winter and have summer homes on the seaside. For the younger generations, there is struggle between keeping with tradition and evolving into modern life, which is threatening the culture of these historical nomads.

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Jericho, Palestine
Jericho palestine
By Firas Mukarker
02 Feb 2013

Jericho is the Oldest city in Palestine it is more than 10,000 Years old, below sea level, and a very warm valley in winter time , amazing place for tourism , and healthy agricultural area , in the center of Palestine near the dead sea

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QATAR - Beirut Editor's Picks, 2012
Doha, Qatar
By Beirut Editor's Picks
02 Sep 2012

The Pearl-Qatar, a mixed-use, man-made, island development in the Qatari capital Doha.

Protesters gather outside US Embassy in Doha, Qatar, to condemn the Anti-Islam movie