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Manual Water Pump Built in Eastern Gh...
By Jawad Arbini
09 Apr 2014

Video shot on February 1, 2014 in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.

This video shows the building of a manual pump to get water out of a 7 meter deep well. The besieged area of Eastern Ghouta has been suffering from lack of water, due to the lack of electricity, which powers the water pumps.

Video can be viewed here

Shot List:

-Various shots of Eastern Gouta showing people moving barrels and filling them with water.

-Interviews with the inhabitants of Eastern Gouta talking about their misery.

-Various shots of the manual water pump and the way it operates .


Abu Alaa:
We don’t have water. We want to wash ourselves so we can pray, do laundry, and there’s no water. We’ve been waiting for hours to get 10 liters of water, and we can’t even get our hands on it.

Abu Jamal:
I’ve been here since 8:30, standing in line. We get pushed back and forth, we just need a barrel of water, so we can wash ourselves, take a shower. Look at us, check out my neck, it's dirty, we don’t have water to shower, how are we going to clean ourselves?

Abu Ali:
There’s no water in the main pipe so we have to carry barrels to the nearest water tap and fill them up. We need to go through this mission about 2-3 times per day to fulfill our water need.

Abu Saleh:
Here in the eastern Gouta we are suffering from the lack of water, or to be more accurate, we have water but we don’t have any gas, fuel or even electricity. We needed to pump the water from the wells so we invented a manual device that includes an engine and a stepper that pumps out water when you press it. We can pump out water from a well that is 7 meters deep.

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Young Girl Invents a Urine Powered Ge...
Lagos, Nigeria
By Taiwo Adeleke
23 Jan 2013

Taiwo Adeleke

Fourteen years old Nigeria girl created a generator that produces electricity for six hours using a single liter of urine as fuel .

Girl power generator with urine in Nigeria.


Taiwo Adeleke / --

Duro-Aina Adebola (Female), Urine power Generator initiator (Student)
Omotayo Fakinlede(Male), Professor of Engineering
Olatuji Araoye (Male), Engineer
Patrick Uloba (Male) Teacher.
VAR of student starting the Generator.
VAR of cylinder and filters
VAR of bulb and socket with electricity
VAR of students talking
VAR of School University
VAR of Man in the Office
VAR of Lagos Street at Night
VAR of man starting generator
VAR of generator sounds
VAR of secondary school building
VAR of teacher with student in the classroom

SOUNDBITE 1, Duro-Aina Adebola (Female), Urine power Generator initiator (Student) (English, 00:14:18 seconds ):
"I got the idea when i went on net and i saw a family of five (5) killed by carbon-monoxide poison. its now stroke me that people are dying regularly from generator poison and that what could be done that wouldn't releases any harmful gases into the environment . Urine is a waste material definitely Nigerians will opt for urine since is a waste material, Nigerians like cheap things "

SOUNDBITE 2, Omotayo Fakinlede(Male), Professor of Engineering (English. 14:01 seconds)
"we can view hydrogen as the hydro carbon minus the carbon. There are very good properties that its as one of the most important thing is the environmental friendliness".

SOUNDBITE 3, Olatuji Araoye (Male), Engineer (English 10:18 seconds).
"Its depend on the cost of the generator first and i will look at the durability at the same time".

SOUNDBITE 4, Patrick Uloba (Male) Teacher.(English 20:18 seconds)
"We have done several other project before this, we are hoping that with the volume of information that as gone out on this project, we are trusting that somebody will come and pick up this project , so that it can be mass produce and it can be there in the market.