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Startup nets to boards #5
By Zachary F. Volkert
15 May 2014

Knepper rides his skateboard through central Santiago, passing through Plaza Italia.

Since launching in Coquímbo in January earlier this year, the company has used more than 2 tons of recycled fishing nets to make their own line of environmentally friendly skateboards. Next week they land in Chilean port city Concepción, where the industry is larger than their current total operation.

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Spills & Curses (7 of 20)
Yenagoa, Bayelsa, Nigeria
By Tife Owolabi
14 Jun 2013

An environmentalist, Alagoa Morris with Environmental Rights Action (ERA) viewing the spread of spilled crude from the Royal Dutch Shell facility at Ikarama community in the oil rich Bayelsa state, Nigeria.

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Drought In Brazil
Andaraí, Bahia, Brazil
By U.S. Editor
11 Jan 2013

Brazil's hydroelectric dams, which generate 67% of the country's power, has seen water levels dip to near critical levels. According to the latest data from Brazil's national grid operator (ONS), hydroelectric reservoirs in the heavily populated south-east and centre-west, which provide energy for the country's industrial hub, are operating at about 30% capacity. Dry weather has hurt crops and animal carcasses lie abandoned in some areas that have seen almost no rain in the past two years. The drought has also wiped off some 30 percent of sugar cane production in the region responsible for 10 percent of Brazil's cane output.

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Traditional oil wells East Java Indon...
Cepu, Indonesia.
By Jeffrey Bright
25 Jan 2011

Traditional oil miners prepare the hoisting system for a new oil derrick. As they prepare to drill a new well. Cepu, Indonesia. 25/01/2011