Get commissioned. Pitch your feature stories and breaking news. Store, manage and sell your stock and archival content.

Built by filmmakers and journalists, Transterra Media is the home for the world’s best storytellers.

Francesco Pistilli - Indomeni Refugee Camp, Greece
Find Work and Discover New Clients

Receive assignments based upon your unique skills, location, and published works. Pitch your story ideas or respond to calls for stories from media outlets, creative agencies, and brands.

Taylor Weidman - Kathmandu, Nepal
Archival Storage and Sales

Why let all of the footage you shot throughout the years collect dust in hard drives? We’ll work with you to upload, tag and curate your archive and stock video and photos.

Own Your Own Media

We know how much work goes into great storytelling. You retain full copyright of your media content at all times unless you grant a buyer exclusive permission to license the full rights to your work or are on assignment.

Nikita Makarenko - The Aral Sea
Store and Manage Your Media

We provide free, secure and unlimited storage for all of your video and photo content. Feeling a little overwhelmed by all of your content, we’ll work with you to upload and organize your media.

Michele Cirillo & Emanuela Laurenti - Kurdistan, Turkey
Always insured

We provide free insurance for all of our journalists and filmmakers sent on assignment. If you are pitching and uploading media regularly let us know and we’d be happy to provide you insurance for the duration of your field work.


Assignments are paid by day-rate or pre-approved budget. Contributors receive between 90-100% of each media sale dependent upon the editing and media completeness: DOPE sheets, captions, and descriptions. Clients pay a 20% commission.

Broadcasters and Publishers