We are a full service video production agency for Brands, Channels and Charities.

Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Build your brand journalism and brand storytelling strategy from A to Z: from editorial direction, content production to digital distribution. We provide full support.

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Brands are Publishers.

Every brand who has a story to tell is a publisher. Today every brand must craft content that resonates with their audience, attracts viewership and ultimately new customers. Associational, archetypal, inspirational or event-centric visual stories. Authentic and original stories about real people is the new reality in content marketing.


Like a publisher, think of your content as a series of programs (episodes, webisodes, or recurrent). A campaign, if you will. You are now in charge of an entire seasons’ content across multiple programs. A season can be five episodes rolled across a two-week release from your blog or FB. Build it. Test it. Was that the ROI you expected. Yes? No? Change it. You have a world of stories to tell.

Embrace your Passion.

Maybe you’ve worked on heaps of visual storytelling in the past. Or maybe you think video production is just way too complicated. Either way, if you are passionate about what you do, then you’ve got a story to tell. No need to be shy. As frontline journalists, documentary filmmakers, and photographers we’ve been there before. And we’ll help you every step of the way.

Native or Sponsored Content.

We are happy to work with you on native or sponsored content. The best of both worlds is for you to publish the same content through both your owned and bought channels. And if the story is tied straight into the news…well, even better. Let’s explore together how to embrace all of your possible distribution approaches.

What We Don’t Do.

We don’t do weddings, corporate picnics, or gala events. Unless, of course, there’s a story there…