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Dear Friends, 

We're looking for a video production team (Producer+Director/DP + Sound Recordist) for a series of full-day shoots in London. We will finish this round of production by March 1st. 

We're somewhat flexible on the crew positions, but we are looking to capture interviews, b-roll, and a simulated experience shoot in 4K with slo-mo shots. The Producer/Director/DP will work directly with the host to coordinate the specific schedule for the day, create a discussion guide, lead the interviews, capture everything on camera, and take care of the release process. Depending on the shoot, there might be an allowance for an extra producer role; however, this position is still to be confirmed. 

Check out these examples of our current baseline Airbnb Experiences photo shoots:

Airbnb Experience Video Examples 

For us to put forward your candidacy for this series of shoots, we need to know the following:

1) Your availability to shoot throughout February in London. 

2) Do you agree to provide all video deliverable within 24 hours post-shoot - no exceptions. 

3) Rough deliverables are 20 minutes of 4K video shot on either a C200 or FS7 and above. We will provide a full brief and production guidelines. All video shoots are conducted using natural light. There is no post-production; you will just rename the files in sequential order according to a Trip ID we will provide and upload to Airbnb's content management system. All of the pre-production will be coordinated by us. There is no pitching involved, talent wrangling, etc. 

4) Video and audio technical specifications: 4K, 24 FPS or 25 FPS PAL, two-channel audio: wireless lav + boom. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please be in touch with me directly via email with any questions you might have. We will provide a short-list of candidates to Airbnb on a rolling basis starting today. 

Vetting Specifications

Business Website. You will need to provide your business website as an additional reference.

Video Examples. Please provide us shareable links to commercial lifestyle videos that you have shot recently. 

Deadline for Submission: EOD of Thursday, February 7, 2019

If you are unable to fulfill these scheduling or budget requirements, we understand entirely. But if you are interested in future opportunities for both ed/doc or brand-related video content, please be in touch. 

If short-listed, we'll provide you an NDA followed by an open contract specifically for this client. Following the legal procedures, we will work with you to go over the brief, shooting schedules, shot list, deliverables, and contact information of your subject matter, as well as release forms: appearance, artwork, and location. 

Thank you so much! 


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