Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Archive Video Request: US Military Involvement in the Middle East 1979-2018

On the mosul frontline against isis 14

Dear Friends,

We're looking for extensive archive footage to support a 90 minute archive-based documentary about the US military intervention in the Middle East from 1979 to the present.  

2014 ISIS takeover of Mosul
2014 ISIS takeover of Tikrit, Ramadi, Tal Afar
2014 ISIS takeover of Fallujah
2012 US troops leaving Iraq
2011 Syrian Government fires on protesters
2011 Civil War in Libya
2007 May 13 Bomb Blast in Balad, Iraq
2006 Violence in Baghdad
2004 Sunni takeover of Fallujah
2004 Shi'ite militia takeover of Najaf, Iraq
2003 US Occupation of Fallujah

Usage: All Media, including Theatrical, Worldwide, Perpetuity

Rights Required: Non-Exclusive

Price: $35 per second used


Transterra Media

Copyright: Steven Nabil