Payment for Professionals.

Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

You know who you are: you log your footage meticulously, you tag your photos and each photo has an original title. A photo caption is not a copy paste job. Transcriptions, dope sheets, key wording - organization and attention to detail are paramount.

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Graduated Pricing Split.

For an edited, two-minute feature with proper supporting documentation (description and transcriptions), you’ll receive 70% of the sales price. For a photo collection with captions, original titles, and keywords/tags for individual photos you’ll receive 70% of the purchased price.



For assignments, we pay you a flat day rate for your services. Each assignment is a little different, but we’ll work with you to get the best price possible in addition to any travel or lodging expenses.

Basic Price.

Originally, we gave everyone a 70% cut of the purchased price even when we spent hours editing footage or tracking down photo captions. This practice was unfair to professionals who take the time to provide the proper supporting documentation for their stories. Improper supporting documentation, from photo captions to dope sheets will result in a 50% cut of the sale price.