Mr. Khalil al Marzouq comments on sentence for opposition activists

3 more in collection Khalil al Marzouq, spokesman for Al Wifak, a Shiite opposition party in Bahrain, comments on sentence for opposition activists


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4 September 2012
Chief Prosecutor Wael College Buallay said at a news conference today, September 4, 2012, that the Supreme Court of Appeal released judgements against 13 opposition activists in the case for conspiracy to overthrow the government and keeping contact with foreign entities in violation of the provisions of the constitution.

Political Aide to the Secretary General, Mr Khalil al Marzouq comments on the rulings.


"طبيعي جدا ان من حوكمو اليوم و اغلب ان لم نقل كل الذين حوكمو على ارائهم السياسية"

"It is normal that most of those, if not all who were prosecuted today were prosecuted based on their political opinion"

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