ArgentA Silver Factory

Format dash, Bitrate 0.043 mbps

Short informational/promotional film for specialists and customers about inner workings and technology processes of silver factory at Kolchugino, Vladimir region, Russia. Imagined, filmed, edited, rewritten and voiced over in Russian by me single-handedly. Filming took about seven hours, editing was performed in three weeks at quite leisurely pace.


  1. Introductory shot features molten silver flowing to a cooling form. Further cuts show several linear production processes of silver souvenirs and cutlery. First process is related to casting, second process is CAD design of press forms for stamped units, third process is creation of said press forms, fourth process is pressing units with high-pressure hydraulic press, fifth is enameling, sixth is engraving, seventh is quality control. Outro scene features factory shop and non-staged customers with a happy baby making a purchase.


  1. soundbite (Russian)
    Ignat Solovey, Mr.: Explanatory narration in Russian