George Nickels Trafficked into Slavery 18

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Created by George Nickels

Cambodia 19 Feb 2017


Mr. Roum Touch. After one month at sea, we arrived in a Malaysian port, I saw my chance and I escaped. After hiding in the jungle for two days I was tired and hungry and I decided to try my luck at finding work, hoping to earn enough money to sustain myself and get home to Cambodia. Luckily I secured a job packing fish in a port further down the coast from were I had escaped my captors. After two months, I felt I’d earned enough money to pay my way back on to a boat back to Thailand; this was the first of many obstacles on my journey back to my homeland. After seven days and seven nights at sea, we eventually arrived at the Thai port where I left the ship and found a taxi to take me to the closest border with Cambodia. Ten minutes into the drive I started to get very paranoid that I was being followed by two motorbikes; my instincts were correct and shortly after the taxi was pulled over by two men and I was told that they had arranged another taxi for me. I was taken to a house, given clean clothes, food and locked in a room for two days. When my captors finally came back I was given two choices: go back to the fishing boat or go to prison. I chose the fishing boat and spent another month onboard working virtually non stop, along with 15 other Khmer men that were under the control of two armed thai captains. As soon as the opportunity came I escaped for a second time and eventually made it back home to my wife and child. I feel lucky to be alive.” Moung Tboung Village, Moung commune, Srey Snom District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.