George Nickels Trafficked into Slavery 06

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Created by George Nickels

Cambodia 19 Feb 2017


Mr. Seuy Sann, 40. A Cambodian construction worker who was enslaved on a Thai fishing vessel. I was only sleeping for one hour a day. When we got tired, they gave us a powder to dissolve in water and drink. I threw it away the first time they gave it to me and the second time, but when they saw I hadn’t taken it the third time, they beat me. I knew if I didn’t take the powder, they’d kill me. I don’t know what it was, but when I took it, my energy came back and I didn’t need to eat any rice.” The food and the drugs — probably amphetamines — weren’t enough to sustain all those on board. One day, the crew lost patience with a Laotian man who was too ill to work. “They threw him overboard as an example to the rest of us. I was there for a month and I thought I’d die there. They said all the Cambodians on the boat would die.”