Elephants being chased by Maasai community members away from their homesteads

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This is a video of elephants being chased away from the homesteads by the villagers in a Maasai Community, the elephants dominate most of the areas around the homesteads, and preventing the residents from performing their day today activities, in the past we didn't see elephants approaching the homesteads, we use to graze our cattle almost together with the wild animals peacefully, but now we are having elephants visiting our homesteads and this is very risky and many people were killed by elephants, Human-wildlife conflict, the elephants destroys a lot of farmers crops and they even kill the cattle and goats if they come across.
This raw video shows the real situation down here in our village. What is happening here is that the villagers are chasing the elephants away, someone was hooting from their motorbike (Boda boda) to scare the elephants away. With the growth of industrialization, then we will have more cases of human-wildlife conflicts.