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Created by Paolo Gallo

Germany 27 Jun 2016

Iraqi Embassy Berlin Gdr Iraqi Em... Gdr Embassy

The GDR Iraqi embassy was built in 1974 based on the fact that Iraq was the first non-socialist country to recognize East Germany back in 1969. Of course this meant a lot for the East Germans considering that they chose and preferred the east over the west. Although things didn't look good after the collapse of the wall in 1990. At that time there were rumours that weapons and explosives were being smuggled into Berlin and stored in the embassy. This was the during the Gulf War. There were also reports confirming the weapons and explosives being hidden in the embassy. After the reunification of Germany and new established government, the GDR Iraqi embassy staff were "kindly" asked to leave in January 1991.
Currently Iraq still has the rights of the embassy but the property is owned by Germany (just like any other embassy around the world which is owned by the country it resides in but the rights belong to the country given to). Although neither the current Iraqi government nor the City of Berlin don't know what to do with the site. The embassy has been left to its faith but in the meantime is waiting to be explored by like minded people.