Protest in Macedonia: Citizens Came for Justice

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Protest of opposition, members of NGO’s and residents in Skopje with requests to the government and Constitutional Court in Macedonia.


  1. Protest begins with people walking on a boulevard in Skopje on June 20, music, flags of “Colorful Revolution” (white with words) and Macedonia’s official flag.
  2. Cheerful and loud voices of protesters, while people walk.
  3. People in large number walk toward the government building.
  4. Members of Roma ethnicity in Macedonia walk with the flag of their nationality.
  5. Soundbite: Pavle Bogoevski, an activist, talks on the stage in front of the government.
  6. Soundbite: Pavle Bogoevski, an activist addresses other people who protests and repeat the slogan.
  7. Soundbite: Vladimir Kunovski, an activists talks to the protesters
  8. Soundbite: Radmila Shekerinska, SDSM party representative
  9. Protesters of the “Colorful Revolution” use garden hoses to paint the facade of the Ministry of Justice. ( this is a way of the protest anger)
  10. Some protesters throw stones on the building, sound of broken glass, police standing without reactions, stones remain on the ground, some activists try to calm down the tensions and appeal for stopping the rioting.
  11. People past by the Ministry of Justice
  12. Another form of public anger with use of slingshot to target Assembly of Republic of Macedonia facade.
  13. Masked protesters holding the protective cover of the Prometheus statue in the Zena Borec Park (Women Fighter Park) in Skopje, wanting to take the down the cover.
  14. Police suddenly enters the park and disperse protesters by pushing them with riot shields, not using other means.
  15. Police pushes protesters away from the statue and the park.
  16. Another riot police formation approaches to the park and disperse protesters. A protester stands with hands raised, while riot police officers pass.


  1. soundbite (Macedonian)
    Pavle Bogoevski, activist: You are chasing us. No justice; no peace.
  2. soundbite (Macedonian)
    Vladimir Kunovski, activist: They do not betrayal Macedonia, do not betrayal us, they betrayal their families.
  3. soundbite (Macedonian)
    Radmila Shekerinska, Political party SDSM official: Where are here today to say that the Constitutional Court need to bring a decision on Special Prosecution and that (Nikola) Gruevski need to take off hands of the control of all institutions.
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