Arab-Kurdish Coalition Retakes Strategic Positions in Menbij, Syria

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June 10, 2016
Menbij, Syria

Video Shows Arab and Kurdish fighters holding positions on the western frontline overlooking ISIS-held Manbij, a border city northwest of Raqqa, the defacto capital of ISIS.
The fighters were able to seize control over strategic al-Etihad university, previously an ISIS base.
Supported by U.S.-led air strikes and American Special Forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces have launched an offensive to retake ISIS-controlled Raqqa.

Arrad, Field Commander: “Today we were able to retake al-Etihad University, and cut the road between Aleppo and Menbij. We have also seized control over villages around Menbij from four sides and now we are waiting for the Zero hour to enter Menbij.”

No name given, Field Commander:
“We are now near al-Etihad university, 4 to 5 km east of Menjib. Menbij is besieged from all sides, our forces are besieging from north, east, and south, and we are here on the western side. Our forces reached the Osajli road. The situation is great thanks God, we were able to kill scores from ISIS and we are waiting for the Zero hour to enter Menbij.”