Libyan Army Chief of Staff Visits Frontlines in Benghazi


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Chief of General Staff, Major General Abdel Razek Nazawra visited Mazraat Abu Bakr Youness in the city of Benghazi to check on the situation and on the Libyan Army's advances in the fight against ISIS.

During his visit Nazawra met the leaders of the army divisions and the soldiers and transferred the salutes of the Army commander General Khalifa Haftar to them.

The Libyan Army led by Haftar was able to retake major areas in Benghazi and force ISIS fighters to leave their positions.


  1. soundbite (Arabic)
    Major General Abdel Razek Nazawra, Chief of Staff, Libyan Army: "Prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. We pray for our heroes and martyrs, and we hope that our injured soldiers heal soon. I salute you in the name of the Major Commander General Khalifa Haftar. This is the victory that we have been waiting for. It's been two year since we started fighting these dogs who will be in hell. Thanks be God, and thanks to you lions of the Libyan Army, we were able to liberate most of the areas in Benghazi, and now we are in Mazraat Abu Bakr Youness and we ask God's mercy for all our martyrs. Good luck to you all until we liberate all Libyan territory, Inshallah."