Frustration and Defiance in Aleppo

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A survivor in the rebel-held area of Aleppo expresses frustration at international support for their cause and defiance in the face of the latest assault by forces of the Assad government.

Ibrahim, Citizen:

On the latest updates we here in the Castello area of Aleppo I can say that there is kind of a drop in the fighting (FSA) brigades are bringing against this big offensive. They (the FSA) are not being strict in taking the decision to stop this farce and save us from the force that is threatening us everyday to cut the main road of Aleppo. I wish that everyone in Aleppo, civilians and fighters, would come up with a solution to stop this farce that is threatening the people inside Aleppo and specifically the liberated areas. We are subject to threatens day and night. As they say, the mother of a threatened person doesn’t sleep, however a mother of a dead person sleeps. Where are the solutions to stop the threatens? Where is the FSA? Why is it absent? What will it do? He (The FSA) is available with us in all the liberated areas that might be under siege at anytime, hopefully not but this is the truth for now.

Our situation now is a result of the dirty political money and I hope that this stops at some point.

Question: What about the support from Saudi Arabia and Turkey?

Answer: It is only words, saying that they support the Syrian people. however we have been left alone.

Question: what about the ceasefire?

Answer: Nothing at all. In fact every time there is a ceasefire and there are talks to interfere in the Syrian war, more people die. Just leave us alone! We do not want support from anybody. In fact we are able to manage ourselves and we will be fine. We do not want anyone saying that we support the Syrian people. The Syrian people are standing alone and no one supports us. All what we ask you is to provide us with anti-aircraft weapons or a decision that imposes a no-fly zone, and we can deal with the rest. We can give you their dead bodies and their heads in coffins made in Aleppo.

Question: What about the Russian offensives on your city?

Answer: They are trying to push the citizens to leave and abandon their hometown in Aleppo, They want to change the demographics of the area and replace the original citizens with new ones. They want to spread fear all over the area as if they are telling us to revolt against the fighting brigades in our city. They are pushing the situation to be more complex in forcing us to flee our lands and change the demographics. The Rojava area is the biggest proof of what they are trying to do. This is proof that they are pushing Syria towards division.

Question: Why are you still here and have not taken refuge elsewhere yet?

Answer: This is my hometown, where do you want me to move? This is my town and I will keep defending it in my own way and by all the means available to me to do so until I die or win.