Defiance Inside Rebel-Held Aleppo

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Created by Mahmoud Alhaji Othman

Syria 06 Feb 2016

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Video shot on February 6, 2016 inside the besieged rebel-held area of eastern Aleppo. The area has been bombed by Russian aircraft as military forces of the government of Bashar al-Assad try to encircle it. Thousands of people have fled the area and headed for the Turkish border.
Those who choose to stay remain defiant.

Video includes interviews with a Free Syian Army commander, Aleppo residents and a civil defense worker.

09:55 Question:
“Tell us which roads are blocked and if people are able to cross?”

10:01 (Ahmed, Citizen)
“The army entered through the Maarista and blocked the road. It’s been five days that we are waiting for the road to open but with no result. the fighter jets are killing the people and we are unable to cross. We try to go out but the jets are above us striking constantly and not one or two missiles, they are firing four missiles at the same time.. We are waiting, everyday they say today and tomorrow but the situation remains the same. They said take the Afrin road but the road is also blocked and we are still waiting for any road to open, what else can we do?”

10:38 Question:
“Tell us about the role of the rebels to defend and prevent any siege that the regime army might impose on Aleppo?”

10:45 (FSA Fighter, no name given)
“God willing, our moral is high and our brothers, the Mujahidin rebels, are all prepared and God willing neither Putin (the Russian president) nor the pig Bashar can put fear in us. We only fear God and Aleppo will not be under siege, it is God’s will and the rebels intention Inshallah. We hope that the Mujahidin remain solid and morale stays high. We rely on God.”

18:36 Question:
“Tell us what happened here yesterday and how many people were killed and injured?”

18:43 (No name given, Citizen)
“Yesterday after the Friday prayer we were stepping out of the mosque when the airstrike targeted our district which damaged these closed shops over here. Some of our neighbors were killed and others were injured. There were six dead and two injured. May God heal them. There is destruction all over the district. They were targeting the mosque but by God’s will the strike hit the neighboring shops.

21:08 Question:
“Tell us about who people in Aleppo reacted when the heard the news about a potential siege?”

21:14 (Abdullah, Citizen)
“Some people reacted normally to the news and they continued their daily routine. While others saw that this is unusual and decided to flee their homes in Aleppo out of fear that the regime, after controlling the Nobol and Zahraa area, might try to impose a siege on Aleppo.”

21:48 Question:
“Tell me what would be your role, as civil defense, if the regime was imposes a siege on Aleppo?”

21:58 (Amer, Aleppo Civil Defense Worker)

“Our main role as Civil Defense workers is to alleviate the suffering of the civilians. We might be helping in evacuating citizens, or informing them about potential dangers, but we operate with little resources. We don’t have fuel and other elements to sustain us. We operate with very primitive tools and resources. We do not have any effectiveness to defend against the siege”

“Do you think that a siege will be imposed?”

22:40 “We hope not but if there’s an international decision or a political decision the siege is possible”

“How do you see the future?”

22:53 “I think that we are now living the worst time and I hope that our situation will be better in the future.”