Women Obtain Right to Wear Hijab While in US Police Custody

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With the growing Arab-Muslim population in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, law enforcement has changed some of its police policies in order to accommodate to the religious beliefs of the Muslim population.
The Dearborn police has recently passed a resolution which prevents police officers from forcing Muslim women to take off their Islamic hijab.
The policy change was the result of numerous lawsuits filed against the Dearborn Police Department by Muslim women who were forced to take off their headscarfs in police custody - a move which outraged the Muslim community. Muslim women in Dearborn say they are satisfied with the new policy which allows them to protect their modesty in the arms of the law.

1- Amir Makled (Attorney at Law)
2- Amir Makled (Attorney at Law)
3- Lena Fuad (Worshiper)
4- Marry Fuad (Worshiper)