Chechen Fighters in Ukraine 10

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Chechen soldiers from the Sheikh Mansur battalion have come to Ukraine to fight against pro-Russian separatists alongside Ukrainian forces. They said that Putin is their enemy and that he destroyed their Motherland. As their relatives are still in Chechnya, they hid their faces and asked not to be named.


  1. soundbite (Russian)
    Chechen fighter: 00.00-00.24 : We are looking for separatist positions. We watch their movements and report to higher authorities to call for surgical strikes on the lines of their positions. They are getting stronger each day, and they are preparing an attack. That is why we must prevent their attack.
  2. soundbite (Russian)
    Chechen fighter: 00.25-00.34 : Each day they tried to come closer. With Gods help we will stay here and stop their advance.
  3. soundbite (Russian)
    Chechen fighter: 00.36- 01.08 : They are trying to take Mariupol, than Odessa, Kiev, and so on to the Baltic States. They tried to seize Chechnya in the same way. We've been at war with the Russians for 400 years. But with God help they didn't succeed. There are a lot of guys who are fighting for the independence of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.
  4. soundbite (Russian)
    Chechen fighter: 01.17-02.01 : Those fighting against us on the Russian side are not Chechens, but «Kadirovci» (from the name of the current Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadirov). They are the traitors of our country. They fought on Russian side in Chechnya and in Georgia. As Russia said - there are no families without ugly ducklings. There is a big difference between real Chechens and people who speak the Chechen language. History shows that the Chechens on Russia's side are already traitors.
  5. soundbite (Russian)
    Chechen fighter: 02.22-02.32 : The war here comes as no surprise to us. Our leader Dudayev foresaw it 20 years ago.